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There are 2 very strong statements in the write-up of this effect: “Cody has gotten more $100 tips with this effect and strategy than any other!” – this mean...[Read More]

Today’s review is an effect from German magician Ralf Rudolph and its called Grandpa's Spirit Bottle. The magician shows 5 cards on a table and to his side ther...[Read More]

This set consists of 2 DVDs in which Disc 1 features Lukas and Disc 2 features Seol Park. Despite the title being "Sleeving", there are some manipulation techni...[Read More]

Female magician Adeline Ng from Singapore reviews Split by Yves Doumergue and JeanLuc Bertrand. Find out if this visual IN YOUR FACE money effect is for you!

Darkslide is a visual reversal of a card in a fan. It is similar to the popular Zapped Royal Flush trick except only one card is reversed when the cards are fl...[Read More]

Everyone knows what the Ambitious Card routine is. Tango’s version uses poker chips to replace the card. While the routine is not new, using poker chips for thi...[Read More]

Too often these days, we come across products hastily put out by folks only interested in earning a quick buck. It's sad but true. Thankfully however, this isn'...[Read More]

iFlight is a “Ring Flight” effect where a borrowed finger ring ends up in the middle of your iPhone headset. In actual performance, a finger ring is borrowed...[Read More]

Rasmus’ Real Coin Bend is a marvelous, original invention which has truly advanced the classic coin bending effect to new heights. Rasmus is a terrific magician...[Read More]

Here is the effect: A small pocket sized spiral bound booklet containing the 12 astrological signs and also the numbers 1 to 31 depicting the days in a month...[Read More]

At the Table Lecture with Cameron Francis was wonderful. Cameron Francis is an incredible magician who creates some of the best innovative card magic around. If...[Read More]

The past few weeks have been one intense whirlwind because of work. So I was really elated when an eagerly anticipated package finally reached my office when I ...[Read More]

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O’Coffee Club celebrates Singapore’s 51st Birthday!

National Day is coming! August is definitely one of my favourite months… in fact, I rushed back from my recent back-to-back trips to catch the recent NDP full-dress rehearsals! It was a blast and I really thought this year’s team did an AWESOME job. I’m so very proud of how far we have come! Another reason why the month of August rocks is also because of the F&B deals across ...[Read More]

SG Book Deals Books Warehouse Sale is back!

Good news fellow book junkies! Our favourite warehouse sale is back, where you can grab brand new reads at ridiculous prices. From the very same folks who brought us the super amazing SG50 Box Sale, the SG Book Deals Books Warehouse Sale is back… including the all-you-can-fill Box Sale! Yes, like OMG. Remember last year’s crazy sale event over the Jubilee weekend? Everything was cleare...[Read More]

Ninja Bowl: Where you leave feeling like a Superhero

You may have seen Kamil and yours truly up to our antics during Chinese New Year earlier this year 😉 It’s always nice to be able to enjoy a good meal with good company, especially since food is a big part of our Singaporean culture! Last week, we enjoyed a hearty lunch in town after my work meeting in the CBD area. Fairly new, having just opened this April, Ninja Bowl serves up scrumptious a...[Read More]


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