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In computer network communications, an error 404 is a HTTP standard response code to indicate that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but t...[Read More]

Spiraled is probably the only effect that I went straight into the video instructions without opening the package as the link and password was on the outside of...[Read More]

John Carey is known for coming up with straight-forward card tricks that pack a great punch to a lay audience. Most of them use well-known principles that are ...[Read More]

The name of this trick will tell you what you can expect the effect is going to be like. The performer shows a red round lollipop and puts it into his mouth....[Read More]

“Everlasting Sponge Balls” should be more appropriately named “Everlasting Sponge Balls From Mouth”. This is because the mouth is where the seemingly inexhaust...[Read More]

In the past 15 years I've performed magic as an entertainer, ever so often I do get people requesting for their fortunes read. If you're a fellow worker as well...[Read More]

Matt Pulsar is a professional mystery performer based in Asia, who performs under another name. A true worker, he has produced a lot more products since we firs...[Read More]

The guys at SansMinds Creative Lab have a reputation of coming up with visual effects. “Tunnel” is no exception. “Tunnel” is an oblong black envelope that has...[Read More]

In the right hands, the unassuming marked deck is a diabolical magician's tool. But what exactly makes a good marked deck? Obviously, a good organic design is k...[Read More]

When magicians get their hands on some gimmick, they will act smart and try to figure it without bothering about the instructions. Well, I’m just like them. Whe...[Read More]

Paul Romhany is a well-respected overachiever who needs no introduction. Everybody's favourite Charlie Chaplin impersonator, the busy award-winning magician man...[Read More]

When you open the box, you get an instructional DVD, A post-it pad, and the gimmick snugly rested in sponge surroundings. The Gentleman Jack is a beautifully...[Read More]

This product comes with both an online video instruction and also a PDF file. Honestly, when I busted the box open for Epic Writer, I was wondering how an...[Read More]

Fortuity is a clean card prediction effect that involves a deck of cards with different backs as well as a pair of dice. The magician places a prediction card i...[Read More]

Most people hate card tricks. Can you make a card effect attractive enough to actually wow an audience? The answer is “yes”, and it involves incorporating a n...[Read More]

This is the third volume of the “Move Zero” series of DVD by John Bannon. By now you will understand that “Move Zero” means there are zero “sleight-of-hand” mo...[Read More]

The word “Gaff-Tacular” seems to be created by the combination of 2 words “Gaff” and “Spectacular”. “Gaff-Tacular” is actually 6 spectacular card effects utili...[Read More]

This AmazeBox Black is version 2 of the original AmazeBox. The originator, Mark Shortland, came up with this “improved” version after receiving feedback from u...[Read More]

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Have you ever dreamt of flying?

I’m always game to try out anything new so when my friend Pearl told me about Flight School SG, I jumped at the chance of learning a brand new skill and gaining new experiences! I mean, who hasn’t dream of flying right? Together with Wai Chung, who had to shelve dreams of being a pilot because of his bad (pre-Lasik) eyesight, we made our way up to Seletar where the local company is bas...[Read More]

Ninja Cut: Providing Singapore scrumptious yet affordable Ninja fare!

Q: What’s the definition of a marriage? A: Spending an entire lifetime asking your sweetie, “So what do you want to eat?” Having said that, while there’s plenty of WHAT to discuss, I’d like to share with you about a WHERE… An excellent new hidden find in Singapore that you will love to dine with your other half, or with dear friends who are like family. Introduc...[Read More]

O’Coffee Club celebrates Singapore’s 51st Birthday!

National Day is coming! August is definitely one of my favourite months… in fact, I rushed back from my recent back-to-back trips to catch the recent NDP full-dress rehearsals! It was a blast and I really thought this year’s team did an AWESOME job. I’m so very proud of how far we have come! Another reason why the month of August rocks is also because of the F&B deals across ...[Read More]


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