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Lightning is an entertaining wrist-tie escape routine that has comedy, magic, drama and mystery. It is the professional performing routine of Peter Hinrichs, a...[Read More]

This effect was first available some 6 or 7 years ago. It is now re-leased by Alakazam Magic of UK. Decisions is an utility item that is specially gimmicked...[Read More]

Find out what Singaporean magicians Matthew Lee & Adeline Ng think of Alakazam's latest release, The Butterfly Effect by Peter Nardi! Please support ...[Read More]

What makes a good card effect? I believe it is entertainment, audience participations, and the impact of the magical content. “Over The Top” by Cameron Fran...[Read More]

In case you have never heard of Paralabs. Paralabs is a german duo of mentalist Thomas Heine and Rainer Mees. They also organize the Mind Summit with Danny Arc...[Read More]

Larry’s Bag is a net see-through forcing bag. It can be seen to be empty at the start, and the different items examined before they are put into the bag by a s...[Read More]

Despite the unassuming title, Colin Cheong’s Polite Fiction is anything but. In the guise of numerous interconnected short stories that come together to make a ...[Read More]

If you're looking for the holy grail of that perfect eye-grabbing opener, this is it! I really think Nicholas Lawrence and Sensor Magic struck gold with U2... N...[Read More]

The low-down: ACAAN done in spectator’s hand. It works, as it is almost self-working. As Alex Pandrea states, this is the Stop Trick, simplified with a well...[Read More]

Ken Dyne is a one of the busiest mentalist in the work. He works for cruise ships and big corporations around the world. He is also a marketing for magicians ge...[Read More]

Over lunch earlier this week, a good friend asked me what my all-time favourite card trick was... and as a writer who firmly believes in the adage of "show not ...[Read More]

Today i will be reviewing Pablo Amira’s B’Cards. Pablo is a Chilean mentalist who has released a number of effects on his website www.amirasideas.com , in case ...[Read More]

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Ninja Bowl: Where you leave feeling like a Superhero

You may have seen Kamil and yours truly up to our antics during Chinese New Year earlier this year 😉 It’s always nice to be able to enjoy a good meal with good company, especially since food is a big part of our Singaporean culture! Last week, we enjoyed a hearty lunch in town after my work meeting in the CBD area. Fairly new, having just opened this April, Ninja Bowl serves up scrumptious a...[Read More]

Bistro Kai: Singapore’s hidden find!

Just the other night, I had a most delightful dinner with my buddies Adeline and Bernard at the cozy little restaurant located at Hotel Kai on Purvis Street. If you are searching for a special venue for an eventful after-work catch up or plan to celebrate a birthday/ casual social gathering in town, Bistro Kai would be it! Fresh succulent oysters that were already sliced at the bottom for easy slu...[Read More]

ReFa for BODY: Get $100 off this award-winning massager from Japan right now!

Every now and then, I get people asking how I manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle with all the constant traveling I do for work. The answer is always the same: a simple three prong approach where you are constantly mindful of what you eat, coupled by regular exercise and a lot of self-love! Because my schedule is “flexible” (when it gets busy, it’s basically madness) I rest wh...[Read More]


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