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Inked is an interesting packet mind reading effect. The performer tells the audience that he has developed this ability to be able to tell a person which par...[Read More]

Steven X’s Pen-nomenon is a ghost pen effect – a pen that moves by itself as it writes a message or a piece of information on a note pad. This enables you to p...[Read More]

I remembered how this got everyone excited when the trailer came out. I actually saw the video for dealers before I saw the trailer. The video showed how the ri...[Read More]

I recently bought Harpacrown from UK mentalist Mark Chandaue. The book was designed by Phill Smith who also did the layout of other famous mentalism books like ...[Read More]

If the house was burning down and I could only take a deck of cards with me... Steve Gore's Amnesia Deck would most probably be it! At first glance it doesn't l...[Read More]

Put simply, Andi Gladwin’s At the Table Lecture is amazing. In this lecture Andi sits with his best friend Joshua Jay (who are also the owners of a great online...[Read More]

Paradigm Shift is a “Pegasus Page” type book test using 2 books. One book is entitled “Everything Women Know About Men” and the other book is entitled “Everyth...[Read More]

Before we get into the review proper of Steve Gore's deceptively innocent but oh so deadly GPS Deck aka the Regatta Deck , here's a little introduction of the m...[Read More]

Christian Knudsen’s “Photographic Memory” is an A.C.A.A.N effect with a deck of cards. In effect, here is what happens. The performer shows the faces and th...[Read More]

I have had this for quite some time already but never had the chance to see the video. I can see the gimmick but I don’t know the gimmick works. So today, I had...[Read More]

Spacetime is a hole moving effect on a playing card. Most hole moving effect requires you to cover the hole with your finger, move the hole to another location...[Read More]

When I first open up the box, I saw a bolt and nut and I immediately thought that it was Micro Psychic by Nakashima Kengo. Then I realized the effect was totall...[Read More]

Psycho is a card stabbing routine. 5 spectators, each selects and remembers one card from a deck of cards. The 5 cards are then shuffled back into the deck. ...[Read More]

Indigo is a specially constructed gimmick that allows you to distribute 4 items among 4 people. This makes it a powerful tool for making 4 predictions, with th...[Read More]

The highly anticipated Narcissus by Chris Philpott is finally here! If you don't know about his wildly popular 100th Monkey, which creatively uses a clever mix ...[Read More]

In this newest At the Table lecture, an Albany born and raised magician Jason Ladanye with a New York City accent shows of his impeccable skills as a card playe...[Read More]

Metal bending has become a classic of magic. It has been made popular by Morgan Strebler in his DVDs “Liquid Metal 1” and “Liquid Metal 2”. Many magicians are...[Read More]

All of us (well most of us) have played with paddles before. There are many in the market but the most popular one is probably the Hot Rod. Jumping Gem pen i...[Read More]

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O’Coffee Club celebrates Singapore’s 51st Birthday!

National Day is coming! August is definitely one of my favourite months… in fact, I rushed back from my recent back-to-back trips to catch the recent NDP full-dress rehearsals! It was a blast and I really thought this year’s team did an AWESOME job. I’m so very proud of how far we have come! Another reason why the month of August rocks is also because of the F&B deals across ...[Read More]

SG Book Deals Books Warehouse Sale is back!

Good news fellow book junkies! Our favourite warehouse sale is back, where you can grab brand new reads at ridiculous prices. From the very same folks who brought us the super amazing SG50 Box Sale, the SG Book Deals Books Warehouse Sale is back… including the all-you-can-fill Box Sale! Yes, like OMG. Remember last year’s crazy sale event over the Jubilee weekend? Everything was cleare...[Read More]

Ninja Bowl: Where you leave feeling like a Superhero

You may have seen Kamil and yours truly up to our antics during Chinese New Year earlier this year 😉 It’s always nice to be able to enjoy a good meal with good company, especially since food is a big part of our Singaporean culture! Last week, we enjoyed a hearty lunch in town after my work meeting in the CBD area. Fairly new, having just opened this April, Ninja Bowl serves up scrumptious a...[Read More]


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