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Mentalism has gotten increasingly popular over the years and it's easy to see why. I have personally known many talented close up workers who have decided to le...[Read More]

Putting a pin prick onto a playing card has been a secret weapon of card cheats. Usually, the pin prick is put onto a particular card beforehand. The tiny pin...[Read More]

D-lites, who doesn’t have one? There are so many out there, especially those made in China ones. This is a case where the pirated ones are somehow better and ...[Read More]

Being a sucker, I mean lover of paddles, I have to own one of this Pizza Paddle. The paddle is made to look like a Pizza peel and I think this is one of t...[Read More]

Have you ever fallen head over heels in love, at first sight? Yours truly just did. With a marvellous thing of "terrifying beauty", as the great Max Maven would...[Read More]

This is a new book out by Sasha Crespi. Sasha is a European magician/mentalist who has lived in Italy, France, Wales and England and is currently studying in th...[Read More]

At the time of this review, The Jar is so new that it’s not out in the market and not many people heard about this including me. The Jar was created by Kozmo an...[Read More]

$wap is a short and amazing effect performed with a US $1 bill. The performer displays a stack of US $1 bills and draws the audience’s attention to a (apparent...[Read More]

There are card effects based on the Rubik’s cube (Rubik Predicted by Mark Elsdon) and there are effects using the Rubik’s cube (such as Cube 3 and many more). I...[Read More]

This week on NingThing, female magician Adeline Ng from Singapore reviews Move Zero (Vol 2) by John Bannon and Big Blind Media. Find out now if this fabulous DV...[Read More]

Symbol is a straight forward, easy to understand and easy to do effect. Performer shows 6 cards, each has a colourful ESP type symbol printed on it. A spect...[Read More]

The original Psyclock by UK mentalist Paul Stockman is a clever time prediction effect released in limited numbers through Alakazam Magic back in early 2010. It...[Read More]

Brian Caswell has redefined mentalism with a deck of playing cards with his Cataclysm/Trilogy creations. Here comes Gary Jones and Mark Bendell who give a comm...[Read More]

Blackbird is a very cool holdout for coins. If you are into sleeving, you will know that once you are in position, your arms can’t be straightened. With Blackbi...[Read More]

This week on NingThing, female magician Adeline Ng from Singapore reviews Sweet Penetration by Jibrizy Taylor. Find out if this wicked close up magic miracle is...[Read More]

Pickpocketing is all about being able to dance in and out of someones personal space without them being aware. However, as entertainers we must only use our pow...[Read More]

This is a pocket mentalism routine that contains 2 effects: a “free-will” prediction and a book test. The 2 effects can be performed independently. It is bett...[Read More]

The Informer (Standard) is an impression device slightly smaller than the size of a playing card. In fact, it comes stuck onto the back of a Joker playing card...[Read More]

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Ninja Cut: Providing Singapore scrumptious yet affordable Ninja fare!

Q: What’s the definition of a marriage? A: Spending an entire lifetime asking your sweetie, “So what do you want to eat?” Having said that, while there’s plenty of WHAT to discuss, I’d like to share with you about a WHERE… An excellent new hidden find in Singapore that you will love to dine with your other half, or with dear friends who are like family. Introduc...[Read More]

O’Coffee Club celebrates Singapore’s 51st Birthday!

National Day is coming! August is definitely one of my favourite months… in fact, I rushed back from my recent back-to-back trips to catch the recent NDP full-dress rehearsals! It was a blast and I really thought this year’s team did an AWESOME job. I’m so very proud of how far we have come! Another reason why the month of August rocks is also because of the F&B deals across ...[Read More]

SG Book Deals Books Warehouse Sale is back!

Good news fellow book junkies! Our favourite warehouse sale is back, where you can grab brand new reads at ridiculous prices. From the very same folks who brought us the super amazing SG50 Box Sale, the SG Book Deals Books Warehouse Sale is back… including the all-you-can-fill Box Sale! Yes, like OMG. Remember last year’s crazy sale event over the Jubilee weekend? Everything was cleare...[Read More]


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