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As with most of Shin’s product, you do not get TV or Performance rights with this product. This means that you cannot purchase this and perform the routine at y...[Read More]

Watch Ning's videos to find out why she gives POLARITY by the talented Pablo Amira a full 10/10!

The SansMinds team is known for coming up with creative magical effects, especially those with high visual contect. Token is an example of a visual transform...[Read More]

Anyone who has own a beginner’s magic kit before is likely to have seen the number cards which Numberic is based on. Basically, the original effect uses a few c...[Read More]

Will Fern makes me want to be a better magician. Bring It! is an amazing collection of 3 DVDs and I thoroughly enjoyed going through them and learning from W...[Read More]

When I first started performing stand up magic, a routine that I featured regularly in my set was a routine by Gary Kurtz called “Flurious”, a jumbo coin manipu...[Read More]

Most magicians will know what is a Topit but not many uses one. There are many Topits in the market and there are also plenty of instructional DVDs out there. Y...[Read More]

Julian Moore has written a number of books for the Cold Reading Company about mentalism cold reading and magic. You can find practically all of them on the s...[Read More]

When was the last time you got excited by a coin DVD? For me, it was a few years back when Ponta The Smith released his DVD “Sick”. His coin moves are so fluid ...[Read More]

This DVD is by John Bannon. John’s brand of magic is close-up magic. More specifically, it is card magic based on subtleties rather than sleight-of-hand. T...[Read More]

Roped Evolution is a very visual and magical rope routine. If you have seen the trailer, you’d know what I mean. This routine is very different from your oth...[Read More]

This is the effect of Lucky Card. Performer brings out a card folded into quarters and held on top of a random single playing card with a paper clip. A specta...[Read More]

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Bistro Kai: Singapore’s hidden find!

Just the other night, I had a most delightful dinner with my buddies Adeline and Bernard at the cozy little restaurant located at Hotel Kai on Purvis Street. If you are searching for a special venue for an eventful after-work catch up or plan to celebrate a birthday/ casual social gathering in town, Bistro Kai would be it! Fresh succulent oysters that were already sliced at the bottom for easy slu...[Read More]

ReFa for BODY: Get $100 off this award-winning massager from Japan right now!

Every now and then, I get people asking how I manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle with all the constant traveling I do for work. The answer is always the same: a simple three prong approach where you are constantly mindful of what you eat, coupled by regular exercise and a lot of self-love! Because my schedule is “flexible” (when it gets busy, it’s basically madness) I rest wh...[Read More]

Getting cozy with Fan Bing Bing’s 白马王子

So I received an invitation in the mail the other day, promising that VIPs will be utterly pampered at their event and we’d also get to meet someone mysterious and very special. That sounded exciting to me! Getting out of my ride on the starry evening of the event itself, I was greeted by a bevy of good looking men dressed smartly in black, who suavely opened the doors for me. A gold tag bra...[Read More]


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