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Jorge Garcia is a talented mentalist from Argentina. He performs under the stage name “The Jack”. He is a suave and thinking performer. This is evident in th...[Read More]

I recently purchased and received Flash Cash by Alan Wong. You probably heard of the name Alan Wong before. Alan Wong along with Nick Einhorn made the very p...[Read More]

This is a hole-moving effect on a playing card. It is similar to Spacetime by Tom Elderfield. I believe these 2 effects were put out independently at around t...[Read More]

VCM is an abbreviation for Visual Card Magic. You receive a DVD which features 6 highly visual card magic from Eric Chien. Not much is known about Eric Chie...[Read More]

Steve Shufton is one of my favourite magic creators. A brilliant thinker and a creative artist, he has produced several magic bestsellers and this is one that I...[Read More]

Nova is a sleight-of-hand move with playing cards based on the Shreko Howard’s “Pop-Out Move”. This pop-out move causes a card to pop out and protrude from the...[Read More]

Alakazam Magic has purchased the rights to the Hideout V2 Wallet from Outlaw Effects. This is a good thing because Alakazam Magic specializes in mentalism effe...[Read More]

“Volition” is an unique take on the Bank Night effect. The classic Bank Note effect involves distributing 3 or more envelopes to members of the audience as wel...[Read More]

At the current point of writing this review, Tempus Fugit by Belgium magician Maarten Bosmans is in its third run. The first two batches sold like hot cakes and...[Read More]

What constitutes a brand new effect in magic? Most of the new tricks are actually variations of existing effects. If you hold a piece of playing card near to ...[Read More]

Just some months ago, there was a "killer clown" epidemic that pretty much went viral on social media; people dressed themselves up as scary clowns just to frig...[Read More]

Effect: Four spots are drawn in each corner of a post-it pad with a sharpie. One by one with the rub of a finger the spots are visibly moved to end up in one c...[Read More]

In 2012, I did a magic lecture that started in Asia and travelled to Europe. The bestselling lecture product had to be our Pentad Cups, exclusively handmade fro...[Read More]

Marc Oberon has won numerous prestigious international magic awards. His awards include the European Close-Up Magic Championship (2005), the International Brot...[Read More]

I have had Paul Gertner’s incredible “Unshuffled” routine in my performing repertoire for years. It was something I would use if I really wanted something diffe...[Read More]

I’m always a sucker for coin magic, especially the good ones. This genre is probably liked by most magicians but not performed by most magicians as they some ro...[Read More]

As always, sansminds produces top quality trailers. The product usability on the other hand, I fear leaves much to be desired. What you get in the package of...[Read More]

Muck-off is an online tutorial where hand mucking is taught to create a visual illusion and effect of a coin popping off and then back on the card. Per the desc...[Read More]

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Have you ever dreamt of flying?

I’m always game to try out anything new so when my friend Pearl told me about Flight School SG, I jumped at the chance of learning a brand new skill and gaining new experiences! I mean, who hasn’t dream of flying right? Together with Wai Chung, who had to shelve dreams of being a pilot because of his bad (pre-Lasik) eyesight, we made our way up to Seletar where the local company is bas...[Read More]

Ninja Cut: Providing Singapore scrumptious yet affordable Ninja fare!

Q: What’s the definition of a marriage? A: Spending an entire lifetime asking your sweetie, “So what do you want to eat?” Having said that, while there’s plenty of WHAT to discuss, I’d like to share with you about a WHERE… An excellent new hidden find in Singapore that you will love to dine with your other half, or with dear friends who are like family. Introduc...[Read More]

O’Coffee Club celebrates Singapore’s 51st Birthday!

National Day is coming! August is definitely one of my favourite months… in fact, I rushed back from my recent back-to-back trips to catch the recent NDP full-dress rehearsals! It was a blast and I really thought this year’s team did an AWESOME job. I’m so very proud of how far we have come! Another reason why the month of August rocks is also because of the F&B deals across ...[Read More]


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