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Review: MR LIFTO by Ryan Schlutz and Big Blind Media

As the title of the effect suggests, you as the performer, are able to lift with your bare hand, a bunch of cards arranged in a rosette fashion. Ryan Schlutz h...[Read More]

Review: Cops and Robbers by Kris Rubens

“Cops And Robbers” is essentially Dr Daley’s last card trick. In the latter classical effect, 4 Aces are shown. Two red Aces are given to a spectator to hold,...[Read More]

Review: The Gold Standard by David Regal

The Gold Standard is basically a card to impossible location. In David Regal’s presentation, it can be much more than this. In effect, a card is freely select...[Read More]

Review: Ash Paper by the Other Brothers

Ash Paper is essentially tapping into the mentalist’s mind to give a wonderful easy-to-use utility tool that combines a “WOW” fire burst effect and an unexpecte...[Read More]

Review: InvisiBill by Josh Janousky

Everybody loves the Omni Deck effect where a deck of cards becomes a clear block of solid plastic in a spectator’s hand. So did Joshua Janousky. This inspired...[Read More]

Review: At The Table Live Lecture Cody Nottingham

American Magician Cody Nottingham brings us his take on original close-up magic with everyday objects and playing cards. In this lecture he will teach us effect...[Read More]

Review: The Casino Con by Steve Gore and Gregory Wilson

“The Casino Con” is an interesting effect that has at least 2 phases. It is a card trick as it involves playing cards, but not the full deck – it uses a packet...[Read More]

Review: VISION by Mickael Chatelain

Mickael Chatelain’s tricks use specially gimmicked cards that enable you to perform virtually “impossible” effects. The definition of “impossible” means there ...[Read More]

Review: Key Prediction by Richard Griffin

Key Prediction is a key fob that enables you to predict your spectators chosen object without any force. It is genuine free choice without any equivocation. ...[Read More]

Review: Appear-8 by Steve Rowe

Appear-8 is plucking a physical 3-dimentional black 8-ball out of a 2-dimensional printed picture of an 8-ball on the front of a playing card case. You receive...[Read More]

Review: Whiplash by Josh Janousky

Whiplash is a gimmicked playing card. It looks like an ordinary playing card but it allows you to vanish and transform cards. It is an utility card gimmick. ...[Read More]

Review: Mutate by Arnel Renegado

EFFECT: This torn and restored card is quite unique in the sense that it is one straight tear in the middle of the card that restores itself. Check out the tr...[Read More]


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