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Review: Only Slightly Sleighty by Ryan Schlutz

Ryan Schlutz’s main thrust in his card magic is to make it appear as if the spectators make all the choices. And when the magic happens even without the magici...[Read More]

Review: Triple C by Christian Engblom

Triple C is to me, probably the best magic effect that has found its way into my hands over the past few years. It is extremely versatile, and it kinda puts a ...[Read More]

Review: Mental Pen by João Miranda and Gustavo Sereno

Mental Pen is the latest mentalism creation by Joao Miranda. For those who are overly excited about using a gimmicked pen for mentalism (you know who you are), ...[Read More]

Review: Uncaged by Finix Chan

Hi everyone, today I am going to be reviewing a DVD called uncaged by Finix Chan. It is presented by skymember. Its is a single DVD focusing on transposition. ...[Read More]

Review: iCaan by James Went

A deck of cards is shuffled by both the performer and a spectator, who then each select a card. The cards are lost into the deck and shuffled. After which, the ...[Read More]

Review: Double Take by Jason Knowles

Double take effect is as follows, the spectator selects a card and loses it into the deck. The magician pulls out an indifferent card. Confirming the card is wr...[Read More]

Review: Four King Miracle by Henri White

This is a quickie card trick. The performer displays 2 Jokers. Suddenly, one King makes its appearance between the 2 Jokers. Just as quickly, another King ...[Read More]

Review: Attire by Roddy McGhie and Danny Weiser

When I saw the trailer, the first thing I thought of was, now I can officially get someone to touch my breast, I mean chest 😊. The effect looks really cool and ...[Read More]

Review: Conscious Magic Episode 3 (Accuracy, STFU, The Formula and White Room) with Ran Pink and Andrew Gerard

This is the third installation of Conscious Magic by Andrew Gerard and Ran Pink. It is not explained why the name of this product is called “Conscious Magic”. ...[Read More]

Review: Mind Invasion by Morgan Strebler

“Mind Invasion” implies that you can intrude into the minds of your audience to read their thoughts. In effect, the performer hands to a spectator a piece of c...[Read More]

Review: STAB by Peter Eggink

Stab is a clean and visual pen or pencil through folded bill. A card is selected from a deck. It is folded in half widthwise, and its center is torn out in...[Read More]

Review: At The Table Live Lecture Tom Elderfield

Tom is easily one of the brightest rising stars in magic right now. His talent has been recognised by many of the top names in magic and he’s even consulted for...[Read More]


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