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Review: Epic Writer by Magic World

This product comes with both an online video instruction and also a PDF file. Honestly, when I busted the box open for Epic Writer, I was wondering how an...[Read More]

Review: Fortuity by David Jonathan

Fortuity is a clean card prediction effect that involves a deck of cards with different backs as well as a pair of dice. The magician places a prediction card i...[Read More]

Review: The President’s Choice by SansMinds

Most people hate card tricks. Can you make a card effect attractive enough to actually wow an audience? The answer is “yes”, and it involves incorporating a n...[Read More]

Review: Move Zero (Vol 3) by John Bannon and Big Blind Media

This is the third volume of the “Move Zero” series of DVD by John Bannon. By now you will understand that “Move Zero” means there are zero “sleight-of-hand” mo...[Read More]

Review: Gaff-Tacular by Liam Montier

The word “Gaff-Tacular” seems to be created by the combination of 2 words “Gaff” and “Spectacular”. “Gaff-Tacular” is actually 6 spectacular card effects utili...[Read More]

Review: AmazeBox Black by Mark Shortland and Vanishing Inc

This AmazeBox Black is version 2 of the original AmazeBox. The originator, Mark Shortland, came up with this “improved” version after receiving feedback from u...[Read More]

Review: The Yarn by Manuel LLaser

While the idea of producing an item in a ball of yarn is not new, Llaser’s take on this classic effect is refreshing and magical. In this version, a dollar ...[Read More]

Review: Christmas Carol Book Test by Josh Zandman

This is a practical and simple-to-use book test. In effect, a paperback edition of the famous “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dicken is displayed. It can be ca...[Read More]

Review: The Solution by Michael Murray

The 3-D combination colour puzzle that was known as Rubik Cube, which was invented by the Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Emo Rubik way back in...[Read More]

Review: VISIONS by Matthew Wright

“Visions” by Matthew Wright is both an usual card revelation and a drawing duplication effect using a deck of playing cards. In actual performance, the perform...[Read More]

Review: The Gift by Angelo Carbone

One of the most talked about tricks of the year so far is The Gift by Angelo Carbone. It looks like a regular, ordinary gift box that you can find in most store...[Read More]

Review: ONE 2.0 by Matthew Underhill

Doc Eason’s “Anniversary Waltz” has become a classic card effect. It is the fusion of 2 separately selected and signed cards back-to-back so that you get a sin...[Read More]


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