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Review: Finger Flasher (Natural/ Black) by Jeremy Bracco

As a magician, if you can create a special something to signal the moment your magic happens, you can increase the impact of your performance. Performers hav...[Read More]

Review: The Touch by Robbie Moreland

“The Touch” is a DVD that contains 3 of Robbie Moreland’s close-up routines taken from his professional performances. Two of them are card effects while one is...[Read More]

Review: I.D.D. by Chris Rawlins

Drawing duplication usually depends on one of the following methods: Secretly peeking the object drawn Forcing the object to be drawn Pre-show work to obtain...[Read More]

Review: Ari Soroka’s The Red Carpet

The Red Carpet was originally conceived by Ari Soroka more than 30 years ago. Some 10 years later, Jason Palter got the rights from Ari to manufacture and rele...[Read More]

Review: The Case (Gold/ Silver/ Grey) DVD and Gimmick by SansMinds

This is a metal case for your iPhone 5/5s. You put your iPhone inside this case, and at the appropriate moment, your phone vanishes. The case is seen to be co...[Read More]

Review: Canes MAGIC – The Real Secrets DVD by Fabien Solaz

The title tells us that this DVD is about how to perform magic with canes. Unfortunately, there is no breakdown on what are being covered by this subject. The...[Read More]

Review: MYC – Mark Young Change

The MYC is a nice visual bill change. What you see in the trailer/ad copy is accurate. You get downloadable instructions, LEFT & RIGHT (mirrored) versions. Inst...[Read More]

Review: Any Shuffled Deck – Self-Working Impromptu Miracles by Big Blind Media

Many magicians are weary of self-working card magic. They feel that spectators can easily figure out the method. Also, since the majority are based on mathema...[Read More]

Review: Miracle Bingo by Doruk Ulgen

Magic with games of chance resonates well with magicians because magicians are supposed to be able to predict or control their outcome. Bingo is a game of chan...[Read More]

Review: Wink by The Other Brothers

If you are looking for an unusual and mysterious effect with a borrowed glass of wine, Wink may be what you want. In effect, you hold a glass of wine in front ...[Read More]

Review: OX Bender™ by Menny Lindenfeld

You need that one effect to solidify your credentials as being a master of amazement in the eyes of your spectators. What better way to prove that you have ...[Read More]

Review: The TIEPIT Book by Enrico Varella

Singaporean magician Enrico Varella is a contemporary magic creator best known for his TIEPIT, a clever device inspired by... you guessed it... the topit! Howev...[Read More]


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