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Review: The Mindpod by Joaquin Kotkin and Luis de Matos

Review of The MindPod by Joaquin Kotkin EFFECT The basic effect of Mind Pod (as you might have glimpsed from the title!) is a divination of a song from the mi...[Read More]

Review: Ice Qube by Kieron Johnson & Mark Traversoni

Ice Qube is a signed coin inside a cube (well, not as regular in dimensions) of ice effect. The spectators can handle the cube of ice and see that the coin is ...[Read More]

Review: Instant T by Les French Twins

As its name suggests, Instant T is an instantaneous change of a playing card into a sachet of instant tea, complete with a string and the square paper label. I...[Read More]

Review: PCTC Productions Presents RAW by Sébastien Calbry and Jordan Victoria

Sebastien Calbry is a master craftsman of gimmicked playing cards. He has collaborated with other magicians to produce effects that use gimmicked cards such as...[Read More]

Review: Silk to Chocolate (Ferrero Rocher) by Sean Yang

The Silk to Egg effect has become a classic magic trick and is performed by many magicians. If you think about it carefully, why would anyone want to change a ...[Read More]

Review: NU FLASH by Zamm Wong and Bond Lee

Nu Flash is a very visual bill to playing card which can be used to change a bill to a single playing card, a name card, an envelope, a pile of cards or even a ...[Read More]

Review: COFFEE CUP by Mariano Goni

I have always been a fan of cups and balls, especially unique ones such as Mariano Goni’s. This routine uses 1 cup and 3 balls made of modelling clay. The rout...[Read More]

Review: Devour by SansMinds Creative Lab

Devour is a novelty card effect. Novelty card effects never fail to bring smiles from the spectators. Here is the effect of Devour: A spectator freely select...[Read More]

Review: TACTICAL by Magicworld

“Tac-Tic-Al” is a visual transformation of a small box of Tic Tac mints into a regular box of playing cards. You receive 2 gimmicks: one is for you to transfor...[Read More]

Review: Flaming Coffee by SansMinds Creative Lab

Fire has always attracted people’s attention. A burning car, or a building on fire, will always make the headline in the news. This is the main reason magicia...[Read More]

Review: Words – The Foundation of Mentalism by Richard Osterlind

This is the new book by world famous mentalist Richard Osterlind. He is a famous mentalist known for his many books/DVDS and lectures on the subject on mentalis...[Read More]

Review: Flash Forward by Jason Palter

One of the greatest gimmicked decks to be invented is Burling Hull’s Svengali Deck. Unfortunately, it is readily available in shopping malls and most magicians...[Read More]


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