Game of Thoughts

Thank you for purchasing GAME OF THOUGHTS: Understanding Creativity Through Mind Games by Ning Cai & John Teo  Here are your downloadable templates for the various exciting activities in our book. Have fun! 1) The Paradox of Habit (page 49) Use thick paper or light cardboard.  Set your printer to print A4 portrait size. This will print both sides of the paper.  Print the first page.  Then set ...[Read More]



Review: What Tha by Rodger Lovins

Other similar considerations Tom Burgoon's Snake Eyes Keith Lack”s Creature Michael Ammar’s The Little Hand Rodger Lovins’ What Tha These items are very similar to each other. Being a sucker for such effects, I have all of them. In this list, each has its own effect even though they work the same. Snake Eyes: Has a shocking effect, with the aid of eyes, this makes spectator tend to conce...[Read More]



Review: eLit by Peter Eggink

Effect: A selected card is revealed by a watermarked embedded on a dollar bill. Product description: SUPER PRACTICAL - Checked! PERFECT FOR STROLLING MAGIC - Checked! EASY TO DO - Checked! NO SLEIGHT OF HAND - Checked! SELF- CONTAINED GIMMICK - Checked! PERFECT FOR MENTALISM EFFECTS - Checked!



Review: The Daily Deception – Si-Fi Project by Xiang Liu

I can only wish that I had first seen these effects performed live for me by Xiang Liu; I would then have him swear not to tip the methods behind it all – this is truly amazing stuff.

Review: Financial Fraud: Money Scams, Embezzlement and Swindles in Singapore

Description: The title says it all, this is a book on how cheaters cheat , how scammers scam and how a fraud got into frauds in Singapore. There are many interesting scams that you will never think it will happen in Singapore and the amount involved is enormous. Contents: This book is divided into 9 chapters. The man who brought down a bank – The famous story about how Nick Leeson...[Read More]



Review: Tchin by Eric Leblon

The product descriptions state that the effects are visual, fast and punchy.... that is true however, they are not really forthcoming. You will need more than the “Want-A-Drink” gimmick that is included. While I understand that if everything is included, the MSRP would be a lot more than $49.95.



Review: TAB Test by Wayne Fox

In effect, during the course of your set of card magic, you show the tab of the card box to a spectator and have them simply think of one of the words they can see printed on there. Then, without any fishing whatsoever, you are able to tell them the very word they were merely thinking of.

Review: Kawaii Bento by Shirley Wong

Coming from a background of teaching pastry to homemakers and professionals, I can see how this beautiful book would appeal to both. Every bento is so pretty and well-executed. I spent the better part of an hour just deciding which recipe to attempt first. Finally, I narrowed it down to three recipes: Walking in the Rain (p 40-41), Panda in a Bamboo Forest (p78-79) and Baby Chicks (p82-83)

Review: Adventures of 2 Girls by Ning Cai and Pamela Ho

"A heart-warming, humorous and inspiring story about friendship, chasing dreams, taking risks and letting go." Let's be real here. We're human. The first thing that draws us all in about the summary of Adventures of 2 Girls isn't this sweet one-liner at the end, or the list of pretty places Ning and Pamela went to. It's the sentence that says "two best friends who take a nine-month break from ...[Read More]

Review: Simply Onigiri by Sanae Inada

Sanae Inada's book has lifted my perception of the humble Onigiri. My first impression was that it was just a triangular white rice ball filled with fish and wrapped in seaweed, a little meal or snack that you could buy at Japanese convenience stores as an afterthought. I just never looked at rice as anything more than a staple.

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