Game of Thoughts

Thank you for purchasing GAME OF THOUGHTS: Understanding Creativity Through Mind Games by Ning Cai & John Teo  Here are your downloadable templates for the various exciting activities in our book. Have fun! 1) The Paradox of Habit (page 49) Use thick paper or light cardboard.  Set your printer to print A4 portrait size. This will print both sides of the paper.  Print the first page.  Then set ...[Read More]

Stuff that Ning writes…

Here are some links to published articles that yours truly has written… Mariah Carey in Singapore: I grew up listening to a very different Mariah Carey when I was a little girl. When she first burst onto the scene, the technically proficient singer had a girl-next-door image and sang wholesome songs like “I’ll Be There” and “Hero” before she turned full-on sex g...[Read More]

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