Interviewing Amazing People

Interview: Zeng Lin of Girl n Monkey

StarWars fans might be aware that there are a few Singaporeans who had been working on the latest film, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, and today… we’re talking to one of them! Uber talented local artist Zeng Lin works as a professional animator at Industrial Light & Magic and was previously at Lucasfilm Animation, doing what he does best on Hollywood blockbusters...[Read More]

Interview: Brandon Lee of Wet Tee Shirt

It’s the festive season and what better Christmas present can you give your close friends really, than quirky tees with clever slogans perfect for them? This month we speak to busy young entrepreneur Brandon Lee of local brand Wet Tee Shirt, who has come up with a fun variety of colloquial designs that are not only spot-on relevant for Singaporeans, but also extremely current! Fancy an ̶...[Read More]

Interview: Wang Shijia of Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Friends

Every Singaporean fashionista worth their salt would be familiar with local design brand, Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Friends. Even Singapore Airlines retails some travel exclusives in their Kris Shop (they had a lovely feature in the August edition of SQ’s SG50 inflight magazine). I happily purchased their shophouse series travel pouch because it’s something handy… and uber cute at the...[Read More]

Interview: Ann Lim of 90s Candy Society & Craft Society

Back when we were both students in MGS, my classmate Ann always scored As and was pretty much every teacher’s dream… while yours truly would consistently bring home a big fat red zero for 听写 😛 Catching up with Ann over tea after we hadn’t seen each other for what seems like forever, I realized the woman possesses a rock solid photographic memory. “I remember you sat on my r...[Read More]

Interview: Irwin Lim of The General Company

Managing a wide range of talented craftsmen, artisans, designers and builders, The General Company hosts regular workshops for people from all walks of life to learn from these professionals; from leather crafting workshops where you learn to fashion and stitch your own business card holder, to creating your very own terrarium, make snazzy little shoes for your baby, and of course, their ever popu...[Read More]

Interview: Celine Chan of My Cozy Room Spa

I was first introduced to the owner/ spa manager of My Cozy Room Boutique Spa during the media event for Summer’s Eve recent “Say Yes to Sexy” campaign in Singapore, which featured yours truly in its new website and commercial. I was honestly surprised de très petite taille Celine Chan with the sweet angelic face was actually older than me when I’d initially pegged the ener...[Read More]

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