Ghosts and Taxi Drivers…

So my blogger buddy Claudia asked me the other day… what’s the quirkiest experience I’ve ever had with a taxi driver? I shared a bizarre real life story that personally happened to me, and she burst out laughing. Though it happened when I was fresh out of school, the memory of it still plays vividly in my mind like it was just yesterday. I thought you may appreciate the humour (p...[Read More]

More reviews for YOU every week!

Hi everyone! Hope all’s well where you are. The haze in Singapore is getting from bad to worse and I honestly don’t recall it ever being so bad… till now.   Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve taken your suggestions to provide more reviews weekly. So, starting from this Wednesday (TODAY) we’re bumping it up! Check out the honest reviews and articles ...[Read More]

Proud to be Singaporean!

I dare say we are leading up to one of the most EXCITING weekends here in Singapore. Having missed the chance to vote twice before, no thanks to a hectic travel-work schedule, I’m super stoked to participate in my first experience come Friday! And I think I’m not the only one who’s excited too… everyone’s all buzzing about the upcoming general elections, it’s sl...[Read More]

Books are Magic

So you may have read about my passion project #sg50books50days on TODAY newspaper, where over 50 days yours truly will be putting 50 books (on Singapore or by Singapore authors) all around our country! What better year to do this than Singapore’s 50th birthday? Currently we are at book number 14 of 50 and I’m super duper stoked that it’s all been supremely positive thus far. Also...[Read More]

Concrete casting: Making art out of cement, water, and a whole lot of love!

So you’ve read my interview with the inspirational Irwin Lim, co-founder of The General Co, who’s currently offering a special discount off ALL their workshops for all NINGthing readers 🙂 I tried my hand at concrete casting for the first time the other day, and man, was it FUN!!!! The spouse created a clock, while I made a mobile phone stand. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as messy as I...[Read More]

Game of Books: The story thus far…

Granted there’s no sexy maiden with dragons IRL or ominous three-eyed ravens/ crows… but #SG50books50days is doing well, with folks responding back on social media with their new finds! As I shared in the post before, over 50 days I’ll be planting 50 different reads in different parts of Singapore. It’s finders keepers and I hope it ignites an interest for books and Sing Li...[Read More]

Congrats to Shannie Angela for winning the outdoor photoshoot session with Magicdow Photography!

Last month, ran a special fun contest with Magicdow Photography – you can read all about it here. Hearty congrats to our NingThing reader, Shannie Angela, for scoring herself the free photoshoot session. She’s looking mighty fine indeed! If you participated and didn’t win, don’t give up! Magicdow Photography have since revamped their website and it’s loo...[Read More]

Celebrating Singapore reads & Singapore authors

Earlier this year for an interview regarding World Book Day, I shared that ever since I was a little girl, I’d always been a voracious bookworm who looked forward to Mom bringing me to the small neighbourhood library. Maxing out our library cards, I would start reading on the bus RIGHT AWAY because I just couldn’t wait till we got home! Of course, this was a time before mobile phones a...[Read More]

Behind the Scenes: Summers Eve commercial

You’ve seen the official Summers Eve commercial with yours truly… here’s a fun little clip of what really happened behind the scenes during the actual shoot. Crank up your speakers!   The BTS video’s an accurate depiction of what happened on the set …aaaaaaaand I guess it captured my cheeky moments; all the silly bits of nonsense I was doing in-between takes! I&#...[Read More]

Attention all ye fellow book nerds!

Hear ye, hear ye… If you are a bookworm like me who absolutely loves reading, I’ve got grrrrrrrreat news for you! The SG50 Box Sale happens this 1-10 August 2015 from 11am to 7pm (Weekends & PH) and 11am to 2pm (Weekdays) at Pansing’s Warehouse located at 438 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 1, Singapore 569619. The venue is located opposite Pathlight School, jus...[Read More]

Last Chance: NingThing’s Spa & Photoshoot giveaways

Hey guys! Just a quick heads up that this is your last chance to win yourself some sweet spa love from My Cozy Room Boutique Spa, as well as, to win yourself an outdoor family portrait from Magicdow Photography. Click on the links to check out the full details and act fast!!! I’ve personally used Magicdow for event photography (all those years of doing magic on stage) and they’ve also ...[Read More]

Joining the Handmade Movement…

It’s no secret that I enjoy making things… fashioning Harry Potter inspired magic wands, crafting my own RFID-blocking duct tape wallets, making sleeping dragons out of clay… so I was really thrilled to meet a fellow kindred spirit, Irwin Lim of The General Company who identifies himself as a builder and lives by his life’s motto of “don’t just buy things, exper...[Read More]

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