7 Letters by Boo Junfeng, Eric Khoo, K Rajagopal, Jack Neo, Tan Pin Pin, Royston Tan & Kelvin Tong

A sweet anthology by 7 award-winning Singaporean filmmakers, 7 Letters celebrates our country’s Golden Jubilee through 7 poignant stories about the lives and struggles of Singaporeans. I was invited to the red carpet gala last Friday night, at the newly refurbished Capitol Theatre, and it really was a night to remember. I was happy to catch up with industry friends and mucho kudos to the org...[Read More]

Ning Cai at Bookfest@Malaysia 2015

Heyyy… Yours truly is now back in Singapore after spending the Hari Raya weekend in KL for Bookfest @ Malaysia 2015 🙂 What a bustling crowd!!! I really loved every bit of it…   It was quite funny because I had some concerned relatives & friends cautioning me against flying up to Kuala Lumpur because of “racial riots”, no thanks to recent newspaper reports about the...[Read More]

About the video

Some folks have asked about the quirky little video of yours truly interviewing, well… yours truly 😉 The 4 minute video was a fun project that I shot a while back (around the same time I was filming the Summer’s Eve Singapore commercial, when my hair was still blonde) before I cut my hair à la the vivacious Ruby Rose in Orange Is The New Black. My buddy Caleb Ming gallantly helped me o...[Read More]

Catch Me if You Can!

Woohoo… Guess which Singaporean author will be at the upcoming Bookfest @ Malaysia 2015 event for a special meet-and-greet/ book signing? I’m super excited to be invited for this big nationwide event and look forward to meeting my Malaysian readers. I’ve been requested to do a magic performance by the organizers, so I conceded. It’s going to be fun! So please don’t be...[Read More]

Hands up if you love surprises!

…I know I do! To celebrate the official launch of, I decided to gift my magic partner Murphy’s Magic with sixty specially made cupcakes – complete with a cuddly cute bunny in a top hat! Tadah… Aren’t they just the cutest?! There was a bit of drama prior to be honest. You’d think in this day and age, how difficult is it really, to do a google search...[Read More]

Be a STAR in your very own photoshoot!

To celebrate the official launch of NingThing, the good fellows at Magicdow Photography have very generously sponsored a special professional photoshoot session for one lucky winner – All you need to do is subscribe to this blog via email, and it’s FREE! See full details here. In case you’re wondering… that (literally and figuratively speaking) kickass “kungfu” ...[Read More]

New Beginnings

  Yay hey! NingThing is finally up and running… Thank you so much for stopping by my new website, pretty much a revamped fusion of both my Magic Babe Ning website and blog 🙂 I’m super stoked about this project after having traded my illusionist/ escape artist show boots for a writer’s pen, when I announced my retirement from the magic scene late 2014, just prior to the launc...[Read More]

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