Review: An Unexpected Triumph by Magician Anonymous

Reviewer: Nique Tan

In effect, a spectator selects a card from a blue backed deck and signs the face. It is then inserted back into the deck. The performer turns half the deck face up and shuffles it into the other face down half.

The deck is then ribbon spread across the table to show its face up/face down condition. With no funny moves, the deck can then be re-spread to show that the entire deck has righted itself; all the cards have magically tured face up, with the exception of the one face down card remaining in the spread. It is turned over and is the signed selection.

Wait. There’s more. The deck is then turned face down and it is seen that the entire deck has turned red.

So, I guess we can describe this as a kind of an amalgam between Vernon’s Triumph, as well as a colour changing deck. I will go over its strong points, its pros if you will. The effect itself is good and is extremely visual. The handling, with the exception of the selection process potentially being a little fiddly, is also very clean looking, very direct and is not too difficult to execute. The various displays at certain junctures are convincing and really aid in selling the effect. This is especially true of the spread which allows you to show the deck being messed up in a face up/face down condition. The final colour change also comes as a big surprise, one which I can almost guarantee a layperson would not see coming.

There are some bits I did not like though. Firstly, the mode of teaching. This is a password protected online video tutorial, and it falls into what I call the “no-talk-silent-teaching-with-on-screen-text” category. Which is fine, except that the on screen text contains a few spelling errors which kind of glare at me when they come on screen. There was also a sleight which was wrongly credited (the sleight itself was also misspelt).

Next, this is not going into your walkaround or strolling set. This is improved a little if you do not have the selection signed (which to me is not necessary for such an effect to begin with), but there are still bits of reset work I would rather not get myself involved with for strolling work. This is also a one trick deck, which means it will take up pocket space. The effect also requires the use of a table to perform effectively.

Lastly, the gaffs you get are pretty well made, though there are some parts which should have been Bicycle backed designs but are not. This will fly but I suppose I am just being picky. Other than that, they will work great for this effect.

All things considered, the effect itself is good and I can certainly see this going into a formal kind of magic show, where table space and reset requirements are not of a concern.

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available from all reputable Murphy’s Magic dealers.

6.5 Stars (6.5 / 10)


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