Review: Big Four Poker by Tom Dobrowolski and Big Blind Media

Reviewer: John Teo

This is a card effect on the game of poker that is fun all the way.  Right from the start, the performer tells the audience that he has devised a new poker game that plays with only 4, not 5, cards.  This already sounds like fun.

A spectator deals 16 cards from the deck for 4 players.  She then mixes the 16 cards: some face up and some face down.  This looks like fun!     

She deals the 16 mixed up-cards to 4 players, the performer being one of them.  Each player has his hand containing cards that are faced up and faced down.  This looks funny.  

Each of the 3 players gets to choose their own hand.  When the face down cards are turned over, each gets a pretty good poker hand, except the performer, who seems to have not even a single pair in his hand.  This is where the entire game turns around, and the performer is then declared the winner!  This is a hilarious ending!

Nobody sees this coming.  Nobody understands how this is accomplished especially when they get to mix up the cards.

Yet, the entire effect is self-working!  You are supplied with both a credit card sized card as well as a larger sized card of the Big Four Poker rules.  A miniature magnifying glass is also supplied to add to the fun.  The instructions are in the well-produced DVD.

While on the subject of poker game, the popular ten-card poker (Jonah Card principle) trick uses the standard 5-card poker rules.  You may also want to check out Tomas Blomberg’s book entitled Blomberg Laboratories where he has a 5-card poker effect called “Swedish Parity Poker” which is a cross between the ten-card poker and Big Four Poker.

Tom Dobrowolski’s Big Four Poker keeps you smiling all the way until the hilarious ending where you will fall out of your chair because you laugh so much!

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available from all reputable Murphy’s Magic dealers.

10 Stars (10 / 10)


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