Review: Calling Cards by Scott F. Guinn

Reviewer: Maarten Bosmans

Normally i start reviews explaining who Scott F. Guinn is before reading this ebook, I had no idea. In the first sentence it is clear Scott is a mentor of the great late Aldo Colombini, a great card magician whose effects are definitely worth checking out.

The effect goes like this: the magician/ mentalist removes a mixed up pack from a card case and places it an clear glass to prevent any fumbling around.

The magician takes out the back card and puts it at the front; any time the spectator says stop the magician/mentalist places their card on a table in a card display. After nine spectators this procedure is stopped. The number is revealed to be the phone number of the magician/mentalist.

This is the effect basically and it is something I really like. Whenever I see an effect I try to make it personal for the spectator. In my version the cards deal out the birthday of a spectator. This gets an insane reaction from the audience, because this is a call back to an audience member with whom I had some interaction with during a previous effect.

I do not use 9 cards in my version because I think it is too lengthy and too much repetitiveness in the procedure but I am sure you can have allot of jokes in this moment of procedure. I only use the day and the month and sometimes the last 2 digits of the year.

This is an effect that is really simple to do, after just looking at the pictures you can do it at a moments notice and this is what I like, I am sure you can find many different ways with this method not using cards but images all the spectators have drawn for instance and create a miracle.

A brilliant idea just came to mind: Using this as a lottery prediction, ask spectators to write numbers on index cards. You take those index cards and place them in the glass and do this routine with a lottery number prediction. This is even stronger in my opinion than a phone number reveal.

I strongly suggest every magician to study the works of Aldo Colombini as you can find greatness in the simple and often forgotten methods.

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(9 / 10)


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