Review: Cops and Robbers by Kris Rubens

Reviewer: John Teo

“Cops And Robbers” is essentially Dr Daley’s last card trick.

In the latter classical effect, 4 Aces are shown.  Two red Aces are given to a spectator to hold, while the two black Aces are held by the performer.  When both pair of Aces are turned over, the spectator is now seen holding two black Aces while the performer is holding the two red Aces.  The two pairs of Aces have magically transposed!

Imagine the two red Aces are robbers and the two black Aces are the cops.  You now have a completely different effect that involves cops and robbers.  

Four cards are shown to contain two cop cards and two robber cards.  Each of the two robber cards is shown and then both cards are given to a spectator to hold.  The performer shows his two cards as clearly the cop cards.  They are placed face to face.  With a magical gesture, the spectator’s two cards are shown to be the cop cards.  The performer separates his two cards – they are now the robber cards!

You receive the specially prepared set of cards and an instructional DVD.  The cards are nicely printed with colourful illustrations of cops and robbers.  The DVD contains a short live performance and a very quick explanation of the effect.

“Cops And Robbers” is not performed in the same manner as the original Dr Daley’s last card trick.  Dr Daley’s trick can be performed with a borrowed deck, using pure sleight-of-hand.

“Cops And Robbers” also requires sleight-of-hand”, but the effect is more visual.  The audience gets to see each card until the final moment before it magically changes.  This is made possible by the specially prepared cards.  It still requires some sleight-of-hand.  You need to know the Elmsley Count and a pass.  Both are taught in the DVD.

If you enjoy performing Dr Daley’s last card trick, you will enjoy this version involving illustrations of cops and robbers.  It provides you with an avenue for an interesting patter.

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available from all reputable Murphy’s Magic dealers.

(7 / 10)

Cops and Robbers by Kris Rubens

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