Review: Devil’s Mark by Alan Rorrison

Reviewer: John Teo

The name of the effect, “Devil’s Mark”, suggests that the effect to the audience is going to frightening in nature.  This is not the case.  “Devil’s Mark” is a card revelation by means of a watermark in a borrowed bill.  This is a “wow” effect to the audience because the bill is borrowed, and yet it has a watermark that can reveal the exact identity of a chosen card!  Later on when the bill is left alone with the spectator, the mysterious watermark vanishes.

In effect, a bill is borrowed and folded in half and placed between the 2 hands of a spectator.  A card is chosen from a deck of cards and noted.  The performer then asks the spectator to concentrate on the identity of the chosen card and focus all her energy onto the folded bill between her hands.

She opens her hands and the bill is straightened out.  With the aid of the flash light from a mobile phone held behind the bill, the spectator is able to see a watermark in her bill that reveals the exact identity of the chosen card!  Later on, when the bill is returned to the spectator, the watermark vanishes.

A watermark that appears on a borrowed bill that reveals a chosen card is certainly something that is incomprehensible to any audience.  You will often hear them freak out with some audible remarks!

You receive 3 gimmicks that enable you to reveal 3 different playing cards as a watermark on a borrowed bill.  It comes with a well-produced DVD where Herman takes you through how to prepare and perform “Devil’s Mark”.

The effect is easy to do, the gimmick is simple to get on and off the borrowed bill, and there is no problematic performing angles to watch out for.  It is suitable for walk-around magic.

SansMinds have outdone themselves here!  “Devil’s Mark” will find itself in the performing repertoire of many table-hopping magicians.

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available from all reputable Murphy’s Magic dealers.

(9 / 10)

Devil's Mark by Alan Rorrison

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