Review: Killer Clowns by Howard Blackwell and Gemini Artifacts

Reviewer: Madame Curator

Just some months ago, there was a “killer clown” epidemic that pretty much went viral on social media; people dressed themselves up as scary clowns just to frighten innocent folks out and about. It pretty much convinced me that I’m not the only one with clownophobia! The fear of clowns is very real… And if you’re a magician, what’s more wicked than some interactive magic with your spectators involving creepy clowns?

Howard Blackwell’s Killer Clowns definitely adds much spice to the classic Out of This World routine. Designed to look like FBI behavioural analysis cards featuring clowns drawn by either children or serial killers, you’d be able to slyly manipulate the results in either showing your dear spectator has a leaning towards the dark side (successfully picking out all the Killer cards) or they’re practically a good Samaritan without an evil streak (easily selecting all the artwork by kids).

Killer Clowns

A well-written 6 page instruction manual is included with your purchase of this custom made Killer Clown deck, which consists of 24 high-quality tarot sized cards on a linen finish. They are full coloured, and the producers even used actual drawings of clowns by notorious murderers like Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy!

The collection of clown art printed is more than decent and 24 is a nice number; not too little and not too much because hey, we all know magician friends guilty of making OOTW boring by using an entire deck of cards!


Since the “profiles” are printed on both sides, the standard OOTW handling needs to be modified a little. Explanations are given step by step in the written instructions. Personally, I think there are a few possible ideas for presentation, but it definitely works extremely well as a kind of FBI serial killer profiling/ psychological test for criminals. If you enjoy dark humour and have the charms to pull it off, Killer Clowns will absolutely tease and entertain.


Personally, I’m glad the creators produced this on bigger tarot sized card stock. It definitely does the props more justice than if the cards were printed on Bicycles. This is definitely something which packs small (and flat!) but plays big!

If you can’t handle the spook factor of Killer Clowns, get Kids Cards instead. While not the same OOTW effect, the latter is similar using “PG” art. Meanwhile, for the rest of us grown ups, this will absolutely slay 😉 You will have an absolutely wicked delight performing this killer routine! Here’s looking forward to more awesome bizarre magick from the guys at Gemini Artifacts.

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available directly from the creator.

9 Stars (9 / 10)

Killer Clowns by Howard Blackwell and Gemini Artifacts

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