Review: Magic Spinner by Tommillusions

Reviewer: Bernard Sim

Fidget spinners and fidget toys, it’s the current trend and most people are intrigued by it.  A few years ago, I remembered there are people actually selling bubble wrap as stress reliever. And then came out with toys that have buttons for you to press. That was like maybe 5 years ago.

Last year, fidget cube was funded in a kickstarter project. It’s a device that has all the things you can fidget with. And suddenly, fidget spinner came out and everyone wants one. Give someone a spinner and they can’t resist not spinning it. The market was also flooded by various designs of spinners. I’m a sucker for such things and own a few desktop toys myself. You can see from the pic below.


Ok, not all are spinners, but all of them are fidget toys which I keep them on my table to play. And yeah, that’s a rubber wiener which my friends gave me on my birthday. Yeah, I have such friends. [Ning’s note: SO GLAD IT’S MADE YOU SO HAPPY. WE KNEW YOU’D ENJOY PLAYING WITH YOUR NEW TOY xx] Below is the pic of some of the spinners I have.


Not in the pic is a spinner I have that has lights and a Bluetooth speaker. In the pic above, there are 2 spinners that can be connected to an app.  The black spinner is the one that was made by Tommillusions.

This spinner is not your regular spinner. It was specially made for magicians and there are many things that was taken into consideration when they were doing the R&D. The spinner is light weight enough for you to do a levitation but you can’t do this as if it’s a Helicard. Everyone has seen a spinner but not everyone has seen a levitating spinner. A levitating spinner is bound to impress your spectators.

Apart from being able to levitate, you can also do card revelations or even any type of revelations as the spinner is programmable. You can input any text on the spinner, it can accept, ESP signs, playing card suits, alphabets and even other languages like Chinese and Japanese.  The text can also be presented in different styles, alphabets by alphabets, scrolling or even static.

All these are done with the app and once connected via Bluetooth (which is very easy), changing the design is a breeze. The app comes preinstalled with some mesmerising designs and texts. I can’t help myself and kept playing with the different designs.

The spinner also comes with an on/off button and a reset button. You may not think much of this but they are really important. The on/off button is also used to change the direction of the spin so the text is can be read if you’re spinning it clockwise/ anti-clockwise. The other spinner I have doesn’t have such features which I only managed to connect it once and that’s it. That spinner is dead, can’t connect, can’t change and can’t reset.

Magic spinner comes with a box that includes a micro usb cable and a set of instructions. There is also a facebook page that is dedicated to this spinner which will have new ideas and routines added periodically.

From what I gathered, there will also be a spinner which will be distributed by Murphy’s. The spinner is exactly the same as Tommillusions, even the app that comes with it is the same. Basing on the timeline, Tommillusions was the first to come out with the spinner.

Tommillusions’ spinner comes with various colours:

USD$40 for Gold and Rose Gold Edition. Comes with serial certification, only 1000 pieces produced. 
USD$30 for Black, Blue and Red Edition.

To purchase this, you can contact Tommy from the links below

Magic Spinner by Tommillusions

Rating:  9/10. Being a sucker for toys, I may be a bit biased, I do really like this prop/ toy. Highly recommended.

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available directly from Tommy Chiang of Tommillusions.

(9 / 10)

Magic Spinner by Tommillusions

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