Review: NEBULA by Matt Pulsar

Reviewer: Madame Curator

Matt Pulsar is a professional mystery performer based in Asia, who performs under another name. A true worker, he has produced a lot more products since we first met, and NEBULA is his latest creation that mentalists can purchase exclusively from Penguin Magic.

Nebula is essentially his take on the well-loved classic in mentalism, the center tear. I would have probably named this Mind Reading without Tears LOL It’s not as poetic as the title Matt Pulsar has given, but it does speak the truth.


What you get in the download is a 36 minute video of the American creator sharing his simple, effective take of the CT. Credits are given accordingly, with a nod to modern masters like Richard Osterlind and his ground breaking work in the field.

Matt Pulsar’s Nebula is best done with a standard business card, although post-it pads or whatever paper products that can be easily ripped up, can be used too. Basically the thinner the card stock, the easier to execute. Obviously you wouldn’t want paper so thin that the scribbles can be seen from the other side.

I really like that Nebula is performed with the card in landscape, not portrait format. This gives you more working area. The moves aren’t difficult to execute and remember, and Matt Pulsar patiently walks you through the steps in the video, with the camera showing an exposed view besides the audience perspective. With some decent practice, you’d be ready to go in no time!

What I appreciate in the tutorial, is Matt Pulsar’s advice about the various nuances to perfect the CT. These performance notes (e.g. fingernail length, tips on cold reading, intuitive talk, etc) will help the performer get some sure fire hits before the final reveal of the name that the spectator has secretly written.

RIP Bob Cassidy

Besides Osterlind’s method, the CT versions that I’ve personally used over the years are the ones by Bob Cassidy, Ran Pink, Richard Stride & Alan Wassilak. Because Nebula is easy (almost effortless really), practical and effective, it will be something I’ll include in my repertoire 🙂

Well recommended. If you’ve always wanted to learn a CT, download Nebula now. It won’t disappoint and totally deserves a perfect 10!

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available exclusively from Penguin Magic.

(10 / 10)

NEBULA by Matt Pulsar

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