Review: Phase by Josh Janousky

Reviewer: Bernard Sim

Many years ago, David Copperfield popularized Misled, a pencil thru bill with a very clever gimmick. This led to many other similar and clever gimmicks like Just Passin’ Thru by Russ Niedzwiecki, Doug Edward’s Wonder Pen-a-tration, John Cornelius’ Pen Thru Anything and Perfect Pen Subsequently, Mikame has a version using a penknife and even Tenyo has a version using a plastic knife. All these effects utilize a gimmicked prop and the bill can be borrowed.

Phase’s effect is the same as above. The difference is that a card is used to penetrate the bill and the card can be borrowed. The bill can be borrowed as well (like all other effects) if you know how to do a s****h. As most, if not all people carry money and a credit card with them, this effect can be performed for them anytime and anywhere. Money effects always attract spectators and there are many other effects which you can combine and perform with Phase.

You’d need to prepare the gimmick using easily obtainable items. Without giving away the secret, one item used to prepare the gimmick is very cheap, the other item needed can be just as cheap or a lot more expensive, depending how willing you are to prepare the gimmick.

Comparing Phase with the other similar effects, I feel that Phase looks more realistic. When the card is inserted in between the folded bill, the bill can be showed on both sides, demonstrating that the card is truly in between the folded bill. When the card penetrates the bill, it look just as good and real.


So far, I’ve talked about all the good things, now for the downside. Phase works better in paper currencies but Janousky did say that this can be done in plastic currencies too. While I think it is possible, I don’t think it will look as good as using paper currency. So for Singaporeans, we are in luck (in a way), we can use our $50 note but the cost of preparing the gimmick will be high too.

I like this effect, it looks good. You’d probably need to practice so as not to fumble during performance. You can probably get the hang of it after a while. Recommended.

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available from Vanishing Inc.

8 Stars (8 / 10)


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