Review: The President’s Choice by SansMinds

Reviewer: John Teo

Most people hate card tricks.  Can you make a card effect attractive enough to actually wow an audience?  The answer is “yes”, and it involves incorporating a novel element in a card trick.

“The President’s Choice” is a novel card trick.  A spectator chooses a card and then loses it in the deck.  The performer brings out a US$1 note.  It bears a portrait of US President George Washington.  The performer indicates that the President in the note will find the spectator’s chosen card.  Suddenly, the portrait becomes animated as George Washington’s mouth opens and closes as though he is saying something.  This is a magical moment for the audience.

The performer riffles one end of the deck and inserts the portrait part of the note somewhere into the deck.  When the note is slid out of the deck, it is seen that George Washington has found the chosen card – he is now seen biting a corner of a miniaturized playing card in his mouth!  This dollar note can then been examined and no one is wiser how the portrait moved its mouth a while ago.

You receive a set of necessary items for you to construct your own gimmicked currency note.  You will be taught how to do this in the well-produced instructional DVD.  To construct the gimmicked note, you need 3 pieces of the same currency note, glue, tape and scissors.  You also need to supply your own deck of cards.  Included in the package are 4 pieces each of 4 different miniaturized playing card stickers.  The sticker is meant for you to stick the miniaturized playing card in the mouth of the person in the portrait.  You can therefore perform the effect 4 times, each time involving a different chosen card.

As with all SansMinds instructional DVDs, they are very well produced.  Herman does a very good job of explaining everything you need to know about how to construct the gimmicks and perform the effect.

The effect has a great impact on the audience.  Firstly, the portrait in the note moves its mouth, then it finds the chosen card in its mouth.  The effect is not difficult to perform and it does not have much performing angle problem.  But there is one downside to this product.  Constructing the gimmicked note takes some doing, especially for those who are all thumbs (and even all toes!) when they come to DIY projects.  These people may be dissuaded from purchasing this effect.  

If you have no problems with working with paper and glue, you can construct your own gimmicked notes using your own country’s currency.  Most currency notes feature a portrait of an important personnel of that country.  You can make this “person” find the chosen card in his mouth, or on his forehead, or …..

“The President’s Choice” will become a most novel and customized card effect for you.

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available from all reputable Murphy’s Magic dealers.

(9 / 10)

The President's Choice by SansMinds

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