Review: Slicer by Rizki Nanda and Magic Tao

Reviewer: Bernard Sim


The basic effect of slicer is a single playing slices through the flap of a card box. You can also use a credit card or dollar note to pass through the flap of the card box.

The effect when performed by itself will not be strong. In my opinion, this effect should be part of a longer routine. When performed with other card routines, this adds variety to your performance, especially if you are doing an Ambitious Card routine. It also add some visual magic to that routine.

Unlike the recent releases in magic where you need to make your own gimmick, Slicer comes with a special readymade gimmick. The gimmick has a rather clever design, not complicated by gets the job done. I can foresee that this will eventually succumb to wear and tear but rebuilding it will not be a problem due to the simple and effective design.

Before I watch the video, I didn’t know how to handle the gimmick but once the video shows how its done, everything becomes clear. The video instructions are viewed online via streaming or you can also download it. The video is easy to understand and follow. While watching it via streaming, I encounter some lag but that’s a small issue. I think this form of instructions is the way to go for future releases. Without a DVD, it keeps the cost low and you don’t need a computer to watch the instructions.

One thing that bugs me for this effect is the bonus routine where you “tear” the flap away from the card box and then put it back restoring it. I feel that this is a giveaway to the method and if you buy this, I don’t recommend you performing the bonus routine.

While I’m not overly excited about this release, I can see cardicians using this as part of their routine. This effect doesn’t require extra pocket space, thus making it easy for the strolling magicians. It also adds variety to their card routine. Magicians always like to play with gimmicks; this is also a fun toy for magicians to play with.

I don’t think I will use this as I’m more of a coin guy but cardicians can give this a try.

7 Stars (7 / 10)

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