Review: SPIRALED by Jimmy Strange

Reviewer: Bernard Sim

Spiraled is probably the only effect that I went straight into the video instructions without opening the package as the link and password was on the outside of the package. I did have some difficulties when signing in. It took me a while to realize that the “S” in the password was actually a “$”. So, those who intend to buy this, do take note.

This effect is not new. Many years ago, Paul Harris released Reality Twister which consist of a Lubor’s Lens. There is a book on this lens which has many routines in it. One of the routine is exactly like Spiraled whereby a pen is twisted in the middle.

For Spiraled’s main routine, a regular sharpie is used for signing and then the magician is able to twist the middle and everything can be handed out for examination. To perform this, you will need to wear a jacket. There are other versions which uses flash paper and also Lubor’s Lens. FYI the routine for Spiraled is the same as Reality Twister.


What you get is a specially prepared Sharpie in a nice packaging. You’d need a regular Sharpie in order to perform the main routine. There is also a one-time setup prior to performing it. As mentioned, to perform the main routine, you will need to wear a jacket.

My view on this is rather mixed. I like the original routine in Reality Twister, plus you can do so many other things with Lubor’s Lens. For Spiraled, I don’t really feel that by using a Sharpie instead of a pen, it justifies a separate release of the same effect in Reality Twister. To be fair, Spiraled is cleaner than the original routine but it also comes with a price of clothing requirement to perform this.


Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available from all reputable Murphy’s Magic dealers.

(6 / 10)


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