Review: STAB by Peter Eggink

Reviewer: John Teo

Stab is a clean and visual pen or pencil through folded bill.   

A card is selected from a deck.  It is folded in half widthwise, and its center is torn out in the form of a semi-circle at the creased edge.

A bill, which can be borrowed, is folded in half lengthwise.  It is slid into the folded card.  The bill’s middle is visible through the torn semi-circular hole of the folded playing card.

A pen, or pencil, which can be borrowed, is inserted into the center of the folded bill. Its pointed end is then pushed through the bill through the torn hole of the playing card.  The pointed end of the pen or pencil can be clearly seen to penetrate the folded center of the bill.  

The pen is removed and the hole in the bill seems to heal by itself.  The bill is then unfolded and can be given out for examination.  The folded playing card is also unfolded and this card, with a torn circular hole in its center, is also given out for examination.  This torn card can be left with the spectator as a souvenir of having witnessed a fantastic performance.

The entire effect is clean and very visual.

You receive a pair of €50 practice bills and a pair of US5 practice bills.  You also receive the necessary materials for you to construct your own gimmick so that it can be adapted to your own country’s currency.  You are given a password to view the video instructions online.

Once constructed, the gimmick can be used for repeated performances, even though a hole has been punched through the bill portion.  You will be taught how to attach as well as detach the gimmick so that both the bill and the playing card can be handed out for examination.

What makes this effect so powerful is its very clean and straight-forward procedure and the fact that all the items involved (bill and card) can be handed out for close study at the end of the performance.

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available from all reputable Murphy’s Magic dealers.

(9 / 10)

STAB by Peter Enggink

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