Review: STEEL by Rasmus

Reviewer: Madame Curator

Swiss mentalist/ magic creator, Rasmus Zauberer, is an intelligent and creative force in magic and his latest creation STEEL is a breakthrough in the art of metal bending. You need no special hidden apparatus but your bare hands. Trust me, if this girl with her painted manicure can do it… so can you 😉

What you receive in the package is a generous collection of nails, both gimmicked and non-gimmicked, in 3 different sizes. The box set provides you over 50 metal nails …no they are not memory metal or anything dodgy or unexaminable… and it’s all self-contained and look fully legit!

There’s also a bonus tutorial in the video link which I think is quite genius; you effortlessly get away with putting a stealth bend in the smallest nail (35mm) while presenting them your business card. Talk about an excellent souvenir! Not only is the move easy, it is natural and completely motivated too.


There are plenty of fabulous ideas in the online video tutorial, and a box should last you plenty even if you are a busy worker. STEEL can definitely be a reputation maker and would also work great for TV besides close-up situations.


See the link below for the official trailer and full info about STEEL. Personally, this has my highest recommendations and with the right presentation, you will truly entertain and amaze! This is impressive stuff that fully deserves a perfect score!

(10 / 10)

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available from all reputable Murphy’s Magic dealers.

STEEL by Rasmus

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