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Reviewer: Madame Curator

Paul Romhany is a well-respected overachiever who needs no introduction. Everybody’s favourite Charlie Chaplin impersonator, the busy award-winning magician manages to somehow perform regularly on cruise ships, publish his ever popular Vanish magic magazine, while constantly putting out good magic effects and maintaining a healthy work life balance.

I’m a big fan of Paul’s work like Merge, Happy Face 2, Lunch is Served, and more. They’re practical, commercial effects that are perfect for workers and Paul is always helpful and so easy to talk to, should you have any queries about any of his products. I was truly excited when the latest magic lecture Murphy’s Magic put out, was his.

True enough, his At The Table download is a solid winner that is well worth its price. The online lecture is chockfull of gems gleaned from Paul’s decades in showbiz. IMHO his bandless version of the OTL principle is already worth what you pay for the entire video. A beautifully constructed routine, it will definitely make you smile and ask yourself why hadn’t you thought about that!

Close up and stage workers, as well as, mentalist/ mystery performers will also enjoy his prediction effects involving time, which involve a wrist watch and wall clock… The mechanics of the latter will impress even the most seasoned and well-read magicians. This shows a sliver of Paul’s bright creative mind!

Another favourite would be Paul’s take on another well-loved mentalism classic, the Mental Epic. His personal improvements using a board and not, are shared and I can imagine many will feel inspired to perform this after seeing Paul do this!

His brand of humour also shines in this entertaining video; there’s a hilarious bit where Paul checkmarks the correct leg that a spectator chooses. Try it next time on your friends at the magic club 😉 You probably wouldn’t perform this funny effect at a cocktail party, but it is a crazy good idea for a two way out.

An impromptu book test is taught, besides an effect with a Rubik Cube, and a diabolical ACAAN routine. There’s also fun stuff like a pencil through coin effect and a flashy 8ball from business card effect.

Essentially, there’s something for everyone, from the complete noob looking to impress to the seasoned worker looking for new presentational ideas. It is crystal clear to anyone watching that Paul has obviously worked on his material for a long time.

At the close, Paul gives much insight about performing and also shares personal advice for those who are also on the road a lot for work. This is definitely one of my favourite lectures in the ATT series and really deserves full marks. Well worth the small investment, it’s a perfect 10!

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(10 / 10)

At The Table Live Lecture Paul Romhany

At The Table Live Lecture Paul Romhany

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