Review: Tempus Fugit by Maarten Bosmans

Reviewer: Madame Curator

At the current point of writing this review, Tempus Fugit by Belgium magician Maarten Bosmans is in its third run. The first two batches sold like hot cakes and I was very fortunate to be one of the first few to get a set of these beautiful pocket watches! The second batch of 25 apparently sold out within a day!

Photo credit: Maarten Bosmans

Photo credit: Maarten Bosmans

Sold exclusively via Stephen Young’s well-respected company, Thought Illusions, you essentially received a set of matching pocket watches just like above. They look like something classy you can purchase from the fancy gift shop of a grand European art museum. The workmanship is fine and handling it, I must say that they don’t feel like something made in China. If you take proper care of your props, these tools will last you a long time!

Here’s my custom set:


Now, while there are no routines or methods supplied with the purchase of Tempus Fugit, you can very easily think of your own presentational ideas and make it uniquely yours.

Because the inner workings are pretty strong, with a good (ahem ahem) detector, you can easily do a classic smash and stab effect with a hammer or a fun and cheeky “which hand” routine. But why stop there… You can also do a time prediction effect where your spectator blindly sets the time and you make an accurate call of the specific time they have set the pocket watch to. There are many, many possibilities!


As you can see from the picture above, both pocket watches lined next to each other are about the width of a poker card. Handling them is no issue, especially for the “Which Hand Routine” using just one half of Tempus Fugit 😉 Their petite size also makes pocket management a dream.

If you’ve been looking for a reliable prop like a Templar or Relic, Tempus Fugit would be an elegant and luxurious looking option. Highly recommended for the discerning professional who understands class.

Tempus Fugit

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available directly from the producers.

10 Stars (10 / 10)

Tempus Fugit

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