Review: Three Way Force Bag (Large) by Eran Blizovsky

Reviewer: John Teo

This is a prop familiar to magicians.  It is a transparent bag used to force one of numerous small items such as folded pieces of paper, jig-saw pieces, discs, sweets, etc.

So, the question is: what is so special and unique about this bag in comparison with other clear forcing bags?

It is a 3-way forcing bag as compared to most bags that are 2-way forcing.  This means you can force up to 2 different items instead of one.

It is a simple, no frill, ordinary looking transparent shopping plastic bag.  Unlike other clear bags, it does not have a top strip.  The transparency of the plastic is such that you cannot tell whether the bag is 2, 3 or 4 layers thick.  The entire bag looks so bare and ordinary that it does not seem to contain any hidden compartments.  This is the greatest selling point of this clear forcing bag.

The quality of the bag looks good.  It comes with a small sheet of printed instructions, but you really do not need it if you have used such a bag before.  It does not give you anything new that you do not know about.  

The bag also comes in 2 sizes: extra-large is approximately 14” x 18”, while the large size is approximately 12” x 14”.  Either one of them will look good on stage.

A good investment for a valuable utility item especially if you do mental or children effects.

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available from all reputable Murphy’s Magic dealers.

(10 / 10)


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