Review: Topit 180 Right Handed / Left Handed by David Penn

Reviewer: Bernard Sim

Another Topit as magicians try to top one another with a new design. Topit180 looks like any other Topit except that its has many functions built in. You can ditch, steal and vanish with this new design.

When I first open the package, all I can see was a rather standard Topit with a Velcro sticker and a packet of safety pins and a card with an online link to see the instructions video. Prior to watching the video, I was a bit disappointed with it. Then I went online to check the price, at US$55, I thought this could have been slightly lower in price and finally I went to view the instructions.


My view of this prop changed immediately once I saw the video explanations. I don’t think there are any Topits out there that allows you to ditch, steal and vanish. The Topit is designed in such a way that you can steal an object in a very special way. The steal doesn’t require you to go into the side pocket to retrieve but method is rather unique and your spectator won’t see you stealing if you follow the method closely. The special subtle design of the Topit makes everything works smoothly.

Attaching the Topic to the jacket is by means of a Velcro with sticker and some safety pins. While this will work, I don’t think this should be a long-term solution. The sticker will eventually come off after you wash your jacket. Having said that, you can always replace the sticker with a sew on Velcro.

Topit 180 Right Handed (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by David Penn

In the instructions video, David Penn teaches several routines using a salt shaker, coin, spoon, wine glass, sharpie and many more. The routines are visual and it doesn’t involve plain vanishes. I like the routine using the sharpie. The sharpie changes visually to a transparent sharpie with just a wave and you end clean. You’d need to buy an Omni Pen to do this routine though.

So after some disappointment after opening the package, my impression of this Topit changed after I watched the video. At US$55, I think this is quite worth it. You get the Topit with plenty of routines and detailed instructions. All Topit workers should look at this and if you have never had a Topit before, you should go for this first before you want to try others. There are plenty of materials out there utilising the Topit and all of them will work with Topit180.


Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available from all reputable Murphy’s Magic dealers.

8 Stars (8 / 10)

Topit 180 Right Handed (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by David Penn

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