Review: U2 Box Vanish by Nicholas Lawrence and Sensor Magic

Reviewer: Madame Curator

If you’re looking for the holy grail of that perfect eye-grabbing opener, this is it! I really think Nicholas Lawrence and Sensor Magic struck gold with U2… No, not the Irish band, I’m talking about your next favourite card magic trick 😉 Check out the video, which really works the way it looks IRL!

Is that not the most visual box vanish ever?

Yes, it is THAT VISUAL. Super cool, faster than the eye, gobsmacking magic! A perfect opener to convince your client that you’re well worth your professional fee at your next walk around/ strolling magic gig for sure! It’s no wonder that the first batch sold out the first hour they went on sale!

The custom gimmick handmade by Hondo Chen is absolutely fantastic! Though it comes ready to use right away, I realized that it took awhile to “break it in” but once set, my U2 gimmick was easier to control, feeling more fluid in the snap and was smoother in handling. Super sweet!

It is a tad fragile so you do need to take care of your gimmick to make sure that it will last you a long time, but unless you’re careless or rough with it, U2 should have a decent lifespan to serve you adequately 🙂 U2 is quite a brilliant creation and clearly crafted with pride.

Also, here’s a bit of trivia: While most folks credit Shin Lim for the double flap concept used in his Gone Deck, Nicholas Lawrence is in fact the original publisher/ creator who came up with it several years prior. Feel free to contact him for full details 😉

In the 11-minute instructional video for U2, Nicholas personally guides you through the entire process; first introducing you to your new gimmick, before bringing you up to speed on how to handle the U2 and set it up, besides of course presenting several different ideas on how you could use it in your own preferred presentational style.

Personally, I like that they displayed several different ideas, so it’s really up to you to choose what works for you (for instance, do you work with a close-up table or are you mostly in a restaurant environment doing table hopping or oftentimes you’re doing strolling close-up gigs where there’s no cocktail tables around)… OR create your very own spin on this visually impactful effect!

U2 definitely will get you that attention you need for an opener, which easily and swiftly establishes you as a professional magician – no questions asked. It definitely requires some practice, as well as, getting to know your gimmick better and understanding its “mood” and nuances. Reset is instant and priced at US$30, I honestly think it’s absolutely a worthwhile investment, especially for the discerning close-up worker.

You definitely should check this out. Here’s looking forward to more amazing creations by the genius magic mastermind Nicholas Lawrence and his team at Sensor Magic 🙂 Well done guys! Hearty congrats on U2, it’s a clear winner that deserves two thumbs up!

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available directly from Sensor Magic.

(10 / 10)


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