Review: Underhanded by Paul Brook

Reviewer: Maarten Bosmans

The fifth most famous mentalist in the UK is Paul Brook 😉 Paul is a well known mentalist and has released a lot of excellent mentalism products over the years. “Underhanded” is his e-book that costs 15 pounds and it is excellent! Fans of billet work and easy to do close-up effects will consider this is a keeper.

The effect goes like this: the performer removes a single folded post-it note from his pocket. There is nothing else in his hands and he can show both hands to be empty except the folded up post-it note. The performer closes his hand around the post-it and keeps both hands in full view the entire time. The participant freely names any one of the 13 chosen drinks, take the billet opens it and the only thing written on the billet is her chosen drink.

You can use up too thirteen items with this effect you use a utility gimmick which you probably own but probably as a mentalist maybe use for one effect by Colin Mcleod. The gimmick is completely altered and you get a nice tutorial on how to make the gimmick. If you ever have done any mentalism and look at this effect you know which prop is being used. Paul Brook has combined the item you need for this effect with another utility prop mentalist/magicians use in a completely brilliant way.

Personally, I love this effect Paul in his book talks about using a marketed prop from another magician but sadly this prop is no longer available it would have made the life of the lazy mentalist much easier just buy the prop and alter it a tiny bit as described in the e-book. He also teaches you how to make it on your own, but I wish the gimmick was easily available.

I use these types of effects often in my shows because I love the possibility of a wide range of free choices. You often get a crazy reactions from spectators, I would begin doing this effect with a limited number of choices like 3 or 5 then bump up the number. I really urge you to get this book, you can also use zodiac signs or other things you can come up with up to 13 possibilities of course, you are always correct this is why this is such a strong effect.

So scoring wise, I give this a 9 out of 10. I do hope Paul starts making these gimmicks available and charge extra for it as I would buy one for sure!

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available directly from the creator.

(9 / 10)


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