Reviewer: John Teo

The nail writer is one of the most valuable devices ever invented (by Dr Henry Slade) for the mentalists.  It has since undergone several generations of evolutions.

We have nail writers, thumb writers, boon writers (introduced by Eric Mason) and swami gimmicks.  Variations include bug writers, band writers and retractable thumb writers.

The last type is known as RTW.  The writing lead is retractable when not used.  This prevents it from being broken when it is being carried inside your pocket.  It is now available only from Mark Strivings who had bought the rights from Gregory Edmonds.

Which type is the best for you?  This question cannot be easily answered.  Everyone has his or her own preference.  What is good for one performer may not be suitable to another.

As for myself, I am quite happy to use the thumb, boon or bug writer, but not the nail writer.  But we are here to discuss the Vernet Band Writer.  There are 2 types of Vernet Band Writers.  One uses pencil lead and the other one uses the Listo Pencil (grease) lead.  See the diagram here for how they look.  When you order, you have to specify which type you want.

The Vernet Band Writer is very comfortable to wear and easy to use.  You receive the well-made gimmick with the lead attached, a push-pin to help you replace the lead, and a sheet of printed instructions.

The instructions show you how to replace the lead, sources to purchase spare leads, tips on writing surfaces, and a simple effect to start you off using the gimmick.  To suit the different thumb size, you can easily relocate the position of the lead.

I am giving this product full marks because if you wish to use a band writer, the Vernet Band Writer is highly recommended.  

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available from all reputable Murphy’s Magic dealers.

10 Stars (10 / 10)



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