Review: Vice by Jeff Prace

Reviewer: Bernard Sim

There are probably a few effects using Lifesavers. Some of them are very cool gimmicks while some uses a bit of saliva hehe. Vice, while it uses Lifesavers, is a totally different effect. Vice will make you seem to have super powers by squishing the round mints into oval mints and they can be eaten.

Vice comes with 2 gimmick mint, 2 x 25 oval mints (to be given away at the end of the effect) and a few other stuff you use to construct a container for this effect. The instructional video can be viewed streamed online.

The 1 time construction of the container will probably take about 30 mins. This can be omitted should you choose not to use the container. For the performance part, the moves needed are not difficult. You can choose to do more elaborate moves or simple ones that are taught in the video. The squishing of the mint looks visual and its kinda cool too. There are a few variations, some are visual and one of them even allows you let the spectator do the squishing in their closed fist. The good thing about this is that they can eat the squished mint at the end.

There are 2 bonus routines at the end of the video. The first one is the linking Lifesavers where 2 Lifesavers link to each other.  The other one is very cool, its like the Karate coin but you use the Lifesavers and a pen. The mint is tossed in the air and the pen catches the Lifesavers through the hole.

Now for the downside. You get 50 mints; this means that you can only do 50 times (if you decides to give away) and you will need to get refills. In Singapore, Lifesavers are not easily available; a much more common mint would the Polo mints. They look like Lifesavers and you can use Polo mints which I think no one will notice the difference.

I like this, especially effects like this where you can give it away to spectator at the end. Recommended.

Please support intellectual property. Only buy original. Available from all reputable Murphy’s Magic dealers.

8 Stars (8 / 10)


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