Review: The Yarn by Manuel LLaser

Reviewer: Bernard Sim

While the idea of producing an item in a ball of yarn is not new, Llaser’s take on this classic effect is refreshing and magical.

In this version, a dollar bill is used instead of a coin (as seen in the classic version). The basic effect is to get a borrowed bill, signed it, change its denomination and then produce the signed bill in a ball of yarn (held by spectator before the start of the routine). The routine has several surprises built in, this includes a bill change and a signed bill to an impossible location.

The routine is not difficult to perform but it does require a bit of set-up. The set-up time is the time needed to roll the ball of yarn, so this is probably not ideal for a walk-around situation. However, this works great in a parlour setting. Apart from the main routine, Llaser also shared some bonus routine using playing cards and even a mental effect.

The video instructions is online and while Llaser has an accent when speaking English, it will not be a problem understanding him. Another thing which I don’t quite like is the way he teaches the bill fold for the bill change. The camera was shooting at him from the front and those who will have to visualise the perspective from the performers view. I felt that the camera should have been shot over the shoulders. Anyway, that’s just a small issue.

Below is a pic I took with my mobile photo to show what the yarn looks like. The rest of the gimmicks cannot be shown without exposing the method and thus was not included in the photo.


I think this is a great routine especially for parlour magicians. Recommended.

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(8 / 10)

The Yarn by Manuel LLaser

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