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Review: Kung Fu Foot by Héctor Mancha

This effect reminds me of slapstick movies such as Stephen Chow’s comedy movies. The effect is obviously inspired by Sword thru card as well as Kevin James’ Umbrella Thru Card. The basic routine is; you get a spectator to select a card, then you throw the deck into the air and you catch the selected card with your foot (socks on). I’d think this effect would be very entertaining if you’re d...[Read More]

Review: Prevision by Peter Eggink

It is stated on the package of this product that this is “the open prediction with a kicker twist”. Here is the actual effect: A red deck is shown and taken out of its case. Included in the red deck is a blue backed card. This is a prediction card and it placed face downwards on the table without showing its face. The deck is shuffled and a card is chosen and the spectator assisting the perfor...[Read More]

Review: Cardio by Liam Montier

“Cardio” is the video version of Liam Montier’s e-book of the same name which was published some 7 years ago. This video contains many refinements over the written version. Essentially, “Cardio” contains 7 card tricks that do not use any gimmicked cards. You can perform all these effects with a borrowed deck of cards. They are not self-working effects. You need to know how to force a card and...[Read More]

Review: ESP By The Numbers by John Bannon

John Bannon is well known for his card tricks that have simple but interesting plots, powerful effects, but fairly easy to do without having to resort to heavy sleight-of-hand. ESP By The Numbers is another one of such effects. It does not use playing cards but ESP cards with different numbers printed on them. The performer wishes to test the intuitive capability of a spectator, and introduces ...[Read More]

Review: Nitrate Backwards B’Wave by Big Blind Media

B’Wave is a 4-card packet card trick popularized by Max Maven. In this effect, a packet of 4 Kings is placed face downwards to one side on a table. A suit is freely called out by a spectator. The King of the chosen suit is the only King that is shown to be face upwards from the packet of 4 cards. The other 3 cards are then shown not to be the other 3 Kings, but all blank cards! Nitrate is ba...[Read More]

Review: Triple C by Christian Engblom

Triple C is to me, probably the best magic effect that has found its way into my hands over the past few years. It is extremely versatile, and it kinda puts a new spin on an old principle. In fact, if you’ve been in magic for even just a short time, you should already know about this principle – most people, however, shelf this principle thinking that its useless but Triple C is truly that princi...[Read More]

Review: Error 404 by Les French Twins

In computer network communications, an error 404 is a HTTP standard response code to indicate that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested. In this card trick by The French Twins, the performer rights a wrong card in a very visual and instant manner. The actual effect is as follows. A card is selected and then lost in the deck. ...[Read More]

Review: Sublime Self Working Card Tricks by John Carey

John Carey is known for coming up with straight-forward card tricks that pack a great punch to a lay audience. Most of them use well-known principles that are cleverly disguised by cunning patter or handling of the cards. This DVD contains 10 of these types of effects. Actually, one of them is not a card trick, it is a coin effect. As usual, BIgblindmedia, the producer of this product, does ...[Read More]

Penguin Magic Marked Cards

In the right hands, the unassuming marked deck is a diabolical magician's tool. But what exactly makes a good marked deck? Obviously, a good organic design is key. That aside, the clarity of its marking system is equally as important. Your favourite (marked) deck would be the one you essentially use all the time because it is 100% reliable, and extra marks (pun intended) are scored if its price po...[Read More]

Review: Move Zero (Vol 3) by John Bannon and Big Blind Media

This is the third volume of the “Move Zero” series of DVD by John Bannon. By now you will understand that “Move Zero” means there are zero “sleight-of-hand” moves involved in all the effects. It is also commonly known as “self-working”. The methods are therefore based on subtleties than sleight-of-hand. This also means that presentation is important to “sell” the effects to the spectators. Wi...[Read More]

Review: Gaff-Tacular by Liam Montier

The word “Gaff-Tacular” seems to be created by the combination of 2 words “Gaff” and “Spectacular”. “Gaff-Tacular” is actually 6 spectacular card effects utilizing gimmicked cards. They are packet-type card effects and they are all created by Stephen Tucker. Stephen Tucker does not appear in this video – all his effects are presented by Liam Montier. You receive a set of 12 gimmicked bicycl...[Read More]

Review: Whiplash by Josh Janousky

Whiplash is a gimmicked playing card. It looks like an ordinary playing card but it allows you to vanish and transform cards. It is an utility card gimmick. It can be casually shown on both sides without anyone suspecting that it is not a legitimate playing card. You receive the very well-made Whiplash card constructed with red back bicycle cards. You are also provided with a password to acce...[Read More]

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