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Review: Kung Fu Foot by Héctor Mancha

This effect reminds me of slapstick movies such as Stephen Chow’s comedy movies. The effect is obviously inspired by Sword thru card as well as Kevin James’ Umbrella Thru Card. The basic routine is; you get a spectator to select a card, then you throw the deck into the air and you catch the selected card with your foot (socks on). I’d think this effect would be very entertaining if you’re d...[Read More]

Review: Ari Soroka’s The Red Carpet

The Red Carpet was originally conceived by Ari Soroka more than 30 years ago. Some 10 years later, Jason Palter got the rights from Ari to manufacture and release this effect through his Paltergeist Unlimited. This effect is not to be confused by another effect called “Red Carpet” by Black Rabbit Magic. Although it involves celebrities, the effect is quite different. In this effect, a lady spe...[Read More]

Review: 6 Minutes by Matt Fore

As the name implies, this is a 6 minute routine that comes ready to go for you to plug into your current show. It is a full rope routine, which has elements such as two cut and restored phases, two ring penetrations, a transposition of the ends and the middle and also a rope through neck. For rope magic, it does have a variety of strong effects. There is a full performance of the routine at a c...[Read More]

Review: Paradigm Shift by Christoph Borer

Paradigm Shift is a “Pegasus Page” type book test using 2 books. One book is entitled “Everything Women Know About Men” and the other book is entitled “Everything Men Know About Women”. The titles of the 2 books will bring some chuckles from the audience. This effect is actually Christoph Borer’s adaptation and presentation of Alexander Romer’s effect using 2 Germany language books. Christoph ...[Read More]

Review: TaeWando by Timothy Pressley

There are all sorts of gag and novelty wands developed for kids shows. Here is one that is quite original. It is a magic wand that transforms into the ninja’s nunchuck or nunchaku, a deadly weapon used by the Japanese warrior. The magician displays a magic wand that is black in colour with white tips. It is about 12 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter. Suddenly it transforms into a ninja’s...[Read More]

Review: Juan Wonk’s Tel’s Bell by Jack King Magicshop (Bali)

A few days ago, an industrious Balinese magician by the name of Juan Wonk sent me his version of the classic "ring-no-ring bell". Inspired by Terry Herbert's Tel's Bell, which has not been carried by Murphy's Magic Supplies for years, the passionate magician decided to design and craft his own version of the magic bell using a completely different rigging system since over the years, several ow...[Read More]

Review: Deal Sealer by Cody Fisher

There are 2 very strong statements in the write-up of this effect: “Cody has gotten more $100 tips with this effect and strategy than any other!” – this means the effect has such an impact that the audience is willing to part with a big fat $100 tip! “The Deal Sealer” – this is the title of the trick and it implies that the effect is so strong that Cody uses it to seal deals. What is this eff...[Read More]

Review: My Silly Tricks by Hector Mancha

I was intrigued by the title of this DVD. My Silly Trick is a compilation of short tricks by Hector Mancha. The first effect uses a Ukulele. When I saw the Ukulele before the effect was performed, I was having high expectation for it. How many shows have you seen that opens with an Ukulele? After I saw the effect, I was a bit disappointed. The Ukulele is actually a card trick; though I can’t ...[Read More]

Review: Mel Mellers The Travelling Trickster (published by MagicSeen Magazine)

Solid performance material for workers - check! Great pro advice from a successful veteran entertainer - check! Funny bits of business for those who also emcee - check! Full colour, professional layout of book - check! Guarantee to make you laugh as you read it cover to cover - check! melmellers.ningcai There are so many wonderful things going for Mel Mellers: The Travelling Tric...[Read More]

Review: Big Four Poker by Tom Dobrowolski and Big Blind Media

This is a card effect on the game of poker that is fun all the way. Right from the start, the performer tells the audience that he has devised a new poker game that plays with only 4, not 5, cards. This already sounds like fun. A spectator deals 16 cards from the deck for 4 players. She then mixes the 16 cards: some face up and some face down. This looks like fun! She deals the 16 m...[Read More]

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