Review: ESP By The Numbers by John Bannon

John Bannon is well known for his card tricks that have simple but interesting plots, powerful effects, but fairly easy to do without having to resort to heavy sleight-of-hand. ESP By The Numbers is another one of such effects. It does not use playing cards but ESP cards with different numbers printed on them. The performer wishes to test the intuitive capability of a spectator, and introduces ...[Read More]

Review: Insight Pro/ Insight ESP by Hugo Shelley

Mentalism has gotten increasingly popular over the years and it's easy to see why. I have personally known many talented close up workers who have decided to leave their finger flicking past and begin their deep and wondrous journey into the magic of the mind. I don't know of any who have gone the other route; mentalists who shuck their tools of the trade in favour of entertaining people with fanc...[Read More]

Review: SYMBOL by Steve Cook

Symbol is a straight forward, easy to understand and easy to do effect. Performer shows 6 cards, each has a colourful ESP type symbol printed on it. A spectator is asked to choose one symbol in a random manner. She throws an imaginery die. Whatever number the die lands on is used to choose one of the 6 symbols. This turns out to match a prediction inside an envelope that the performer pla...[Read More]

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