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Review: Kung Fu Foot by Héctor Mancha

This effect reminds me of slapstick movies such as Stephen Chow’s comedy movies. The effect is obviously inspired by Sword thru card as well as Kevin James’ Umbrella Thru Card. The basic routine is; you get a spectator to select a card, then you throw the deck into the air and you catch the selected card with your foot (socks on). I’d think this effect would be very entertaining if you’re d...[Read More]

Review: Lolli Hero by Steve Rowe

The name of this trick will tell you what you can expect the effect is going to be like. The performer shows a red round lollipop and puts it into his mouth. He chews on it and when he takes it out of his mouth, his teeth have sculpted the lollipop into a recognizable face of a superhero. Using this as a basis, Steve Rowe have crafted out an interesting and novel magical effect. He got thi...[Read More]

Review: Everlasting Sponge Balls by Eric Leclerc

“Everlasting Sponge Balls” should be more appropriately named “Everlasting Sponge Balls From Mouth”. This is because the mouth is where the seemingly inexhaustible supply of sponge balls appear to come out from. Most performers are also familiar with another version of this effect – it is called “Multiplying Bananas”. This is where a banana held in one hand is taken away by the other hand to di...[Read More]

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