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Review: Prevision by Peter Eggink

It is stated on the package of this product that this is “the open prediction with a kicker twist”. Here is the actual effect: A red deck is shown and taken out of its case. Included in the red deck is a blue backed card. This is a prediction card and it placed face downwards on the table without showing its face. The deck is shuffled and a card is chosen and the spectator assisting the perfor...[Read More]

Review: Unlock by Morgan Strebler

Unlock is a Release from Morgan Strebler and Sansminds which gives you the ability to unlock any spectators iPhone. In fact, I believe this method should be adaptable on almost any phone that is unlocked with a pin code.

Review: ESP By The Numbers by John Bannon

John Bannon is well known for his card tricks that have simple but interesting plots, powerful effects, but fairly easy to do without having to resort to heavy sleight-of-hand. ESP By The Numbers is another one of such effects. It does not use playing cards but ESP cards with different numbers printed on them. The performer wishes to test the intuitive capability of a spectator, and introduces ...[Read More]

Review: Epic Writer by Magic World

This product comes with both an online video instruction and also a PDF file. Honestly, when I busted the box open for Epic Writer, I was wondering how anyone would be able to use it without being caught. I felt that it was rather obvious due to its size (about 2cm x 1.5cm) and colour, but after watching the video instructions, everything was explained, and it all made more sense. In fact, w...[Read More]

Review: Fortuity by David Jonathan

Fortuity is a clean card prediction effect that involves a deck of cards with different backs as well as a pair of dice. The magician places a prediction card in an envelope at the start of the performance and gets a spectator to roll a pair of dice twice. The 1st roll of the dice selects the back of the card and the 2nd roll selects the front of the card. The selections will be combined as a sing...[Read More]

Review: AmazeBox Black by Mark Shortland and Vanishing Inc

This AmazeBox Black is version 2 of the original AmazeBox. The originator, Mark Shortland, came up with this “improved” version after receiving feedback from users of his original AmazeBox, which is (still) available, but in white colour. For those of you who are not familiar with an AmazeBox, you may not appreciate the changes made in this version 2. So, what is an AmazeBox? It is a closed re...[Read More]

Review: The Solution by Michael Murray

The 3-D combination colour puzzle that was known as Rubik Cube, which was invented by the Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Emo Rubik way back in 19774, has come a long way from being a puzzle to a magic trick, and now, to be involved in mentalism effects. The fact that there are 43 quintillion configurations of the cube infers that the odds of randomly solving a mixed-up cube is ...[Read More]

Review: The Gift by Angelo Carbone

One of the most talked about tricks of the year so far is The Gift by Angelo Carbone. It looks like a regular, ordinary gift box that you can find in most stores, but it is cleverly gimmicked. The basic effect is that you put a cardboard gift box on the table and remove a deck of cards from the box. You then cover the box with the lid. The spectator deals the cards face up and stops whenever she w...[Read More]

Review: T.U.R.N. by Jason Palter

Annemann’s lock and keys effect with the unusual name of “7 Keys To Baldpate” has become a classic in mental magic. It has sparked off numerous psychic lock routines, including those using adjustable combination locks, and therefore without the need for keys. Jason Palter’s T.U.R.N. is one of these psychic combination locks. Other gimmicked combination locks available include the Grismer Lock...[Read More]

Review: The Mindpod by Joaquin Kotkin and Luis de Matos

Review of The MindPod by Joaquin Kotkin EFFECT The basic effect of Mind Pod (as you might have glimpsed from the title!) is a divination of a song from the mini iPods. I should clarify, the iPods are sets of cards made to look like mini iPods. The set comes with all the “mini iPods” you need for the effect and the songs come from these iPods. Also included in the set is a compiled Spotify pl...[Read More]

Review: Words – The Foundation of Mentalism by Richard Osterlind

This is the new book by world famous mentalist Richard Osterlind. He is a famous mentalist known for his many books/DVDS and lectures on the subject on mentalism. If you have never heard of Richard Osterlind be sure to check out his material. If you want to become a mentalist his videos are one of the best and easiest to follow introductions into mentalism. What is this book about, using the tit...[Read More]

Review: Flash Forward by Jason Palter

One of the greatest gimmicked decks to be invented is Burling Hull’s Svengali Deck. Unfortunately, it is readily available in shopping malls and most magicians shun its use. This is quite unfortunate because a well-crafted routine using the Svengali Deck can effectively disguise the methodology and truly wow the audience. Jason Palter has come out with a Svengali Deck using flash cards that are...[Read More]

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