Review: At The Table Live Lecture by Paul Brook

Do I really have to say much? It’s Paul Brook. 141 minutes of him where he goes through miracles that can be done with merely a pen and your business cards. Get this product first, then read this review later HAHA! All jokes aside, this lecture is seriously gold, it has Paul’s view on the ever-rising trend of “prop-less mentalism” and interspersed in it are tips and advice from his work in both...[Read More]

Review: Unlock by Morgan Strebler

Unlock is a Release from Morgan Strebler and Sansminds which gives you the ability to unlock any spectators iPhone. In fact, I believe this method should be adaptable on almost any phone that is unlocked with a pin code.

Review: Cool Beans by Paul Brook

Paul Brook has written more than 20 books on mentalism, but currently does not have many products out in the market. Cool Beans is one of them. Paul created Cool Beans because of his love for both coffee and mentalism. He also wanted a pocket mentalism effect that uses ordinary objects, has multiple applications, and yet the method is hidden in plain sight. Cool Beans meet all of these criteri...[Read More]

Review: Mind Invasion by Morgan Strebler

“Mind Invasion” implies that you can intrude into the minds of your audience to read their thoughts. In effect, the performer hands to a spectator a piece of card such as a business card that has been pre-folded into quarters. She is to write a word or draw a simple picture onto the piece of card. If she chooses to draw a picture, she is also to write what she has just drawn onto the piece of c...[Read More]

Review: Past Present Future by Rick Lax

In the past 15 years I've performed magic as an entertainer, ever so often I do get people requesting for their fortunes read. If you're a fellow worker as well, I'm sure it would have happened to you some time or other at a professional gig! It's interesting how some muggles genuinely believe we are much more than mere mortals, mysteriously gifted with insight for the future. PAST, PRESENT, FUTUR...[Read More]

Review: NEBULA by Matt Pulsar

Matt Pulsar is a professional mystery performer based in Asia, who performs under another name. A true worker, he has produced a lot more products since we first met, and NEBULA is his latest creation that mentalists can purchase exclusively from Penguin Magic. Nebula is essentially his take on the well-loved classic in mentalism, the center tear. I would have probably named this Mind Reading w...[Read More]

Review: The Gentleman Jack Gimmick by RAR

When you open the box, you get an instructional DVD, A post-it pad, and the gimmick snugly rested in sponge surroundings. The Gentleman Jack is a beautifully made Himber wallet. Compared to many other Himber wallets on the market, the Gentleman Jack is a breath of fresh air as it comes in a Hip wallet design. Due to that, it is highly inconspicuous and will fly by unnoticed.

Review: Epic Writer by Magic World

This product comes with both an online video instruction and also a PDF file. Honestly, when I busted the box open for Epic Writer, I was wondering how anyone would be able to use it without being caught. I felt that it was rather obvious due to its size (about 2cm x 1.5cm) and colour, but after watching the video instructions, everything was explained, and it all made more sense. In fact, w...[Read More]

Review: Fortuity by David Jonathan

Fortuity is a clean card prediction effect that involves a deck of cards with different backs as well as a pair of dice. The magician places a prediction card in an envelope at the start of the performance and gets a spectator to roll a pair of dice twice. The 1st roll of the dice selects the back of the card and the 2nd roll selects the front of the card. The selections will be combined as a sing...[Read More]

Review: AmazeBox Black by Mark Shortland and Vanishing Inc

This AmazeBox Black is version 2 of the original AmazeBox. The originator, Mark Shortland, came up with this “improved” version after receiving feedback from users of his original AmazeBox, which is (still) available, but in white colour. For those of you who are not familiar with an AmazeBox, you may not appreciate the changes made in this version 2. So, what is an AmazeBox? It is a closed re...[Read More]

Review: The Solution by Michael Murray

The 3-D combination colour puzzle that was known as Rubik Cube, which was invented by the Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Emo Rubik way back in 19774, has come a long way from being a puzzle to a magic trick, and now, to be involved in mentalism effects. The fact that there are 43 quintillion configurations of the cube infers that the odds of randomly solving a mixed-up cube is ...[Read More]

Review: VISIONS by Matthew Wright

“Visions” by Matthew Wright is both an usual card revelation and a drawing duplication effect using a deck of playing cards. In actual performance, the performer says he tries to establish a mental connection with a spectator. He asks her to think of a simple drawing that a child might draw, but not one that consists simply of a shape such as a square or circle or triangle. Let us say she says ...[Read More]

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