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Review: Moneymorphosis by Dallas Fueston and Jason Bird

I have always been a fan of magic with money butterflies. Most of such products I have owned so far however, failed to meet the mark. There would always be an issue with it where if it had a really nice animation (flapping of wings), it couldn’t really fly in a nice way, or if it could fly, it couldn’t really flap its wings. Moneymorphosis on the other hand, seems to have successfully married the ...[Read More]

Review: Flash Cash by Alan Wong presented by Rick Lax

I recently purchased and received Flash Cash by Alan Wong. You probably heard of the name Alan Wong before. Alan Wong along with Nick Einhorn made the very popular and practical soft nest of wallets and with Gregory Wilson made Pickpocket Passport. Alan also created a bunch of other nifty and well-made magic items. Flash Cash is no exception. In fact, Flash Cash is superb. Read more if you want...[Read More]

Review: $WAP by Nicholas Lawrence @ Sensor Magic

$wap is a short and amazing effect performed with a US $1 bill. The performer displays a stack of US $1 bills and draws the audience’s attention to a (apparently) misprinted bill where the circular black “B” stamp and the circular green insignia are interchanged (ie printed in the wrong positions). Nobody will notice this until the performer compares this “odd” bill with the rest of the US $1 bi...[Read More]

Review: Egyptian Ink by Abdullah Mahmoud and SansMinds Creative Lab

Sansminds’ trailer is always good, the spectator’s reaction even better. How I wish my spectators have that kind of reaction. Maybe I should find out where they film their trailer and give it a shot there ;) Anyway, Egyptian Ink does really look good. Is the method practical? Let’s find out more. When I first got this, |I thought it was some coin effect and being a coin sucker, I was re...[Read More]

Review: Stacks by SansMinds Creative Lab

Stacks is a visual transformation of a deck of cards inside a closed case into a stack of bills. You have just completed performing a card effect and you put the cards inside its case. You take the closed case, and with a flip of your hand, the entire case of cards transforms into a stack of some 6 to a dozen bills. The transformation is quite visual and instantaneous, and is easy to do. It ca...[Read More]

Review: Cool Cash by John T. Sheets and KozmoMagic

Back in the days of Michael Ammar’s Easy to Master Money Miracles, many of my magician friends were performing BeSwitched (George Hample) from that VHS. I carried the gimmick in my wallet everyday and always perform it when I have the chance. That was the good old days when our currency was still in paper, now we have polymer bills and that changes a lot of things for magicians. Money magic, I ...[Read More]

Review: Cortana by Felix Bodden

This is a playing card through bill penetration effect. Here is the actual performance. A playing card is freely selected. A bill is borrowed and folded in half lengthwise. The selected playing card is placed inside the folded bill at the crease. Visually, the card penetrates the bill. The audience can see the upper half of the card still inside the bill while the lower portion has penetrate...[Read More]

Review: Split by Yves Doumergue and JeanLuc Bertrand

Female magician Adeline Ng from Singapore reviews Split by Yves Doumergue and JeanLuc Bertrand. Find out if this visual IN YOUR FACE money effect is for you!

Review: Real Coin Bend (US or UK Version) by Rasmus Magic

Rasmus’ Real Coin Bend is a marvelous, original invention which has truly advanced the classic coin bending effect to new heights. Rasmus is a terrific magician and creator of original magic from Switzerland. It took Rasmus many late nights over many years eating Swiss chocolate before he developed this unique effect. You simply take out or borrow an American quarter or English 50 P and at your fi...[Read More]

Review: Vortex Magic Presents COIN by Eric Chien

When was the last time you got excited by a coin DVD? For me, it was a few years back when Ponta The Smith released his DVD “Sick”. His coin moves are so fluid and graceful and truly looks like real magic. Now I am excited by Coin by Eric Chien. If you have seen his trailer, you’d know what I mean. Coin workers may know that this move was based on some classic coin sleight and most may not know...[Read More]

Review: Cash Flow by Juan Pablo

Probably the easiest and fastest visual bill change it the market. Included is the pre-made gimmick in US dollar, a DVD (English and Spanish) and everything needed (except the bills) to make another gimmick. The cheque included to make another gimmick is the size of a US dollar, thus it will not fit other currencies. If you’re thinking of making a set in other currency, you will have a hard tim...[Read More]

Review: Compress by SansMinds Creative Lab

Compress is an effect whereby you can shrink the length of bills. Compress uses 5 bills and 1 of the bill is used for wrapping around the middle of the rest of the bills. They are then seen to slowly shrink and then restored. Everything can be examined. Again, like all Sansminds products, the DVD will start with a guy saying how great this looks and how it will blow the minds of your spectators...[Read More]

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