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Review: In a Flash by Felix Bodden

Join professional magicians Adeline Ng and Mark Wong from Singapore, as they review In A Flash by Felix Bodden and Sans Minds Magic. Close up workers and card w...[Read More]

Review: Pick a Coin by Danny Archer

2 phrases are used very often in magic. “Pick a card, any card …” is one of them, and is rather annoying to spectators who do not like card tricks. The othe...[Read More]

Review: Amazink by Sebastien Calbry

There are numerous ink animation effects on playing cards. “Amazink” is another one. Its predecessor is “Off Set”, also by the same creator, Sebastian Calbry....[Read More]

Review: At The Table Live Lecture by Steve Dela

I love at the table lectures. They always seem to provide extensive information and knowledge for its super affordable price. With that being said, this lecture...[Read More]

Review: Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost Vol. 6

Easy-to-do card magic that depends on subtleties are more in demand to the magic fraternity than those that require difficult sleight-of-hand. The main reason ...[Read More]

Review: Project Z by Zee

Join professional magicians Adeline Ng and Mark Wong from Singapore, as they review Sans Minds Magic's latest coin magic instructional DVD, Project Z by Zee. Th...[Read More]

Review: Tarantula II by Yigal Mesika

The name Yigal Mesika is associated with professinal, high quality, and innovative invisible thread devices. His most innovative product was Tarantula, a finge...[Read More]

Review: The FLY by Marcos Waldemar

How often do you get a tutorial to learn how to catch a fly in a magic video? This online video instruction teaches you to do just that. What you get when you...[Read More]

Review: Changeling ODO by Marc Lavelle and Titanas Magic

Changeling Odo is actually an improved version of Changeling. Changeling is a method for performing a bill change. The main advantage of Changeling over the o...[Read More]

Review: At The Table Live Lecture by Paul Brook

Do I really have to say much? It’s Paul Brook. 141 minutes of him where he goes through miracles that can be done with merely a pen and your business cards. Get...[Read More]

Review: Kung Fu Foot by Héctor Mancha

This effect reminds me of slapstick movies such as Stephen Chow’s comedy movies. The effect is obviously inspired by Sword thru card as well as Kevin James’ Umb...[Read More]

Review: Nick Lewin’s Ultimate Microphone Holder

This is not a magic trick review, nor is it a new item. As the title suggests, it is a microphone holder. The pros may advise you to get a lavalier mic or a ...[Read More]


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