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Review: Hands Down by The Other Brothers

There are many takes on the “which hand” effect, most of them uses some sort of gimmick. The gimmicks are usually priced on the high end. From what I understand, this effect started with Charles Gauci’s Eye to Eye. The gimmick is very special but as the effect got popular, many magicians came up with other gimmicks, mainly electronic gimmicks. These gimmicks were great but you are always at the me...[Read More]

Review: Insight Pro/ Insight ESP by Hugo Shelley

Mentalism has gotten increasingly popular over the years and it's easy to see why. I have personally known many talented close up workers who have decided to leave their finger flicking past and begin their deep and wondrous journey into the magic of the mind. I don't know of any who have gone the other route; mentalists who shuck their tools of the trade in favour of entertaining people with fanc...[Read More]

Review: SvenPad™ by Brett Barry

Having observed a huge shift towards modern electronics used in mentalism these days, it is nice to be pleasantly surprised by simple deadly tools that you can use to amaze your spectators... without any worries of batteries dying or bluetooth signals not working! Firstly I must thank my dear friend, Belgian magician Maarten Bosmans, for introducing me to Brett Barry's brilliant line of product...[Read More]

Review: Paranormal Wallet by Paralabs

In case you have never heard of Paralabs. Paralabs is a german duo of mentalist Thomas Heine and Rainer Mees. They also organize the Mind Summit with Danny Archer, this is German Mentalist convention. More information about this you will find in www.mind-summit.net Paralabs has over the years created a diverse range of products aimed at the mentalist community in the world and they also give co...[Read More]

Review: X-RAY by Rasmus Magic

Max Maven’s Kurotsuke and Charles Gaucci’s Eye to Eye are 2 effects that many magicians use. Over the years, there are many variations and some of there are even better than the original version. There are different versions of Kurotsuke such Marc Oberon’s Oddball, Charles Gaucci’s Body Language, Jean-Pierre Vallarino’s Hand in The Bag. And there are even more versions of Gaucci’s Eye to Eye, t...[Read More]

Review: The Experiment by Vinny Sagoo

The Experiment is a straight-forward effect involving ESP cards. It has 3 phases and is a well-structured routine. It has a nice ending which is quite surprising and entertaining. In effect, the performer explains about the work of Dr Rhine and the use and history of the ESP cards. The audience is told that the 5 ESP cards are the Circle, Cross, Triangle, Square and Wavy Lines. A small wa...[Read More]

Review: AWE Struck by Adam Elbaum

Awe Struck is a spanking, brand new release from Adam W. Elbaum. Adam who? Before you start Googling his name, this is his first magic release. Fear not. He has been performing Awe Struck for more than 10 years. This effect and routine has been honed by many years of professional performances, and the wallet has been designed from the ground up. But before I talk about the wallet that comes with ...[Read More]

Review: Open Billet Box by Steve Pelligrino VS Clear Choice by Thinking Paradox

Today, I am going to review two methods of forcing billets. Both have its advantages and not many disadvantages. Let’s start with Steve Pelligrino’s open billet box. The concept is quite simple spectators drop up to 50 folded up billets in an open box one spectator takes a billet and you know instantly which one they took. After this you can reveal it in a way you seem fit. The effect i...[Read More]

Review: Travel in Mind by Steve Cook,Paul McCaig & Luca Volpe

Travel In Mind is a 3-phase mental effect involving travelling. 4 spectators are invited to participate. Each is given a “boarding pass”. 16 cards depicting 16 popular countries in the world for tourists are displayed. A spectator shuffles the stack of 16 cards and randomly distributes 4 cards to each spectator, including herself. Each spectator looks at his or her 4 cards and mentally...[Read More]

Review: The Unswami by Unknown Mentalist

The Unswami by The Unknown Mentalist is a bundle of 4 ebooks of 84 pages available at Lybrary.com. A swami is an underused classic mentalist tool. There are numerous styles and types of swami gimmicks available. A typical use of a swami gimmick would be to write a two digit number of a business card, put the pencil away, and ask the spectator to name a two digit number. The card is shown to have t...[Read More]

Review: The Monographs – A comprehensive manual on all you need to know to become an expert Deductionist by Ben Cardall

Have you ever want to be Sherlock Holmes? I do, I would like to have his powers of deduction and memory. In this book The Monographs you will find all of the answers how to become a real life Sherlock in todays society. Ben Cardall is a English mentalist who uses real life deduction as Sherlock Holmes as his tool to amaze people. On his website you will also find a podcast about deduction and d...[Read More]

Review: Posted by Riggs Royena (Instant Download) A Practical Modern Day Prediction

It's no secret that I love mentalism. In an attempt to push ourselves, my former stage partner and I challenged ourselves in reading the minds of 100 different spectators (inclusive of members of the press) in a variety of ways, back in 2012. We used an assortment of things creatively, all in the name of modern mentalism! Riggs Royena is the young street magician who quite recently came up with...[Read More]

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