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Review: Flash Gum by João Miranda and Julio Montoro

“Flash Gum” is the instant transformation of the cover of a packet of chewing gum into 3 playing cards. In effect, a spectator selects and remembers 3 cards. The 3 cards are lost in the deck. The magician makes a magical pass over the deck and the 3 cards vanish. The spectator can check every card in the deck to confirm that her 3 chosen cards have vanished. The performer claims that the 3 car...[Read More]

Review: Prevision by Peter Eggink

It is stated on the package of this product that this is “the open prediction with a kicker twist”. Here is the actual effect: A red deck is shown and taken out of its case. Included in the red deck is a blue backed card. This is a prediction card and it placed face downwards on the table without showing its face. The deck is shuffled and a card is chosen and the spectator assisting the perfor...[Read More]

Review: Influx by Tom Elderfield

“Influx” is a collection of effects with different flavour packets of gums. You receive a stack of paper-thin magnets and a DVD. In the DVD, the very innovative and young Tom Elderfield teaches you 9 distinct effects with different packets of gums. You get to see the performance first, and then how to construct the gimmicks and use them. You have to obtain your own packets of gums, depending on...[Read More]

Review: Linko (LifeSavers) by Ben Williams

Magic with everyday objects never fails to impress people, because that is what they expect of any magician. “Linko” falls into this category. “Linko” is magic with a packet of hole-mints, an ordinary object. This will leave an extraordinary magical experience with your audience! In effect, the performer displays a packet of Lifesavers hole-mints. He takes out 2 mints and puts them into the h...[Read More]

Review: GOT CHANGE? by Jason Yu

SansMinds is known for producing effects with high visual impact. “Got Change” is a one such product. The performer takes out a bill from his wallet. The spectator can examine the bill and fold it into eighths. The performer holds the folded bill above his wallet. Using the wallet as a springboard, he drops the folded bill onto the wallet – the moment the bill touches the wallet, it disintegra...[Read More]

Review: Devil’s Mark by Alan Rorrison

The name of the effect, “Devil’s Mark”, suggests that the effect to the audience is going to frightening in nature. This is not the case. “Devil’s Mark” is a card revelation by means of a watermark in a borrowed bill. This is a “wow” effect to the audience because the bill is borrowed, and yet it has a watermark that can reveal the exact identity of a chosen card! Later on when the bill is lef...[Read More]

Review: Moneymorphosis by Dallas Fueston and Jason Bird

I have always been a fan of magic with money butterflies. Most of such products I have owned so far however, failed to meet the mark. There would always be an issue with it where if it had a really nice animation (flapping of wings), it couldn’t really fly in a nice way, or if it could fly, it couldn’t really flap its wings. Moneymorphosis on the other hand, seems to have successfully married the ...[Read More]

Review: BOTTLED by Taiwan Ben

Taiwan Ben's latest offering to the magic community is a cap in bottle effect, which makes great TV and YouTube magic, since it is so visual and eye-catching. As with all of TBM's other products for magicians, the product packaging is on point and very professional. The gaff is specially created, and made very well. It should also last you a fair amount of time with proper care, storage managem...[Read More]

Review: Unlock by Morgan Strebler

Unlock is a Release from Morgan Strebler and Sansminds which gives you the ability to unlock any spectators iPhone. In fact, I believe this method should be adaptable on almost any phone that is unlocked with a pin code.

Review: Magic Spinner by Tommillusions

Fidget spinners and fidget toys, it’s the current trend and most people are intrigued by it. A few years ago, I remembered there are people actually selling bubble wrap as stress reliever. And then came out with toys that have buttons for you to press. That was like maybe 5 years ago. Last year, fidget cube was funded in a kickstarter project. It’s a device that has all the things you can fidget ...[Read More]

Review: Uncaged by Finix Chan

Hi everyone, today I am going to be reviewing a DVD called uncaged by Finix Chan. It is presented by skymember. Its is a single DVD focusing on transposition. The effect: So what is it about? Well very simply put, it means that its an effect where two sealed gums pack of different flavors exchange places visually. So what the audience see is and what they experience is their selected gum a...[Read More]

Review: Double Take by Jason Knowles

Double take effect is as follows, the spectator selects a card and loses it into the deck. The magician pulls out an indifferent card. Confirming the card is wrong, magician place it under his foot. The magician shows a bill in his wallet to raise his stakes to find the card. If upon failure, the spectator will be able to keep the money in the wallet which the spectator will be holding onto. Mag...[Read More]

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