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Multi award-winning illusionist/ escape artist ‘Magic Babe’ Ning aka Madame Curator of is a recipient of the NAC Arts Scholarship in 2018, with a masters in creative writing (distinction) from the University of Edinburgh. The bestselling Singaporean author has penned five books to date and still considers magic to be one of the biggest loves in her life.

Anna Chan is executive pastry chef of Sugar Inc Baking Workshops, mother of 2 cheeky kids and is still learning to cook.

(Ning thinks the world of Anna and is amazed by not just her superb culinary and baking abilities, but also Anna’s exceptional musical talents in singing and playing the acoustic guitar)

Adey Tan is an aspiring counsellor and poet with a passion for local theatre. On the average day you can probably find her writing fanfiction in her bedroom and avoiding her responsibilities.

(Ning regards Adey as a polymath. Either that or this highly intelligent young person may just be an alien from a far superior race)

Belinda Ho is an entrepreneur who embraces life and its adventures. The bubbly Singaporean is an unapologetic foodie who enjoys travel, reading good books at staycations, and is on the constant journey for new discoveries.

(Ning has known Bel since they were 6-year-olds and the girls still meet up for recess time lunch)

John Teo, President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (Ring 115) is well-respected for his contributions to magic and is often invited to judge at magic competitions. He has won several international magic invention competitions and enjoys applying magic to his work as a corporate trainer.

(Truly one of Ning’s favourite people in the magic world, she affectionately regards him as “Uncle John” as he’s known her before she was Magic Babe)

Nique Tan is an award-winning magician who has made Singapore proud with his multiple competition wins. A true worker, the mentalist and sleight-of-hand artist is also a magic consultant and often travels to give workshops besides performing gigs here and overseas.

(Ning believes the charming Nique has it all – good looks, good skills, a good talented beautiful wonderful other half… By the way, Nique and Ning are married. But not to each other)

Harapan Santoso Ong, physics scholar/ expert cardician / brainiac mad scientist/ superhero with the magic ears, is the talented author of Close Culls and Cullology – both published by Vanishing Inc. Now back in Asia after graduating from Cambridge, the Cull-Master strives to contribute to the magic scene.

(Ning considers Harapan a beacon of light for the new generation of magicians. His enthusiasm and passion for magic radiates)

Bernard Sim’s photographic work has been featured in exhibitions and newspapers like The Straits Times. A longtime member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (Ring 115), Bernard is also a modern day magic creator with a soft spot for coins and shiny objects.

(For Ning, ex-chef Bernard is definitely the very first buddy she’d choose to team up with, if they were stuck on Survivor Island. That’s saying a lot. Yes. Ning really loves her food.)

Satish Kumar is a man of many skills. Hewlett Packard sales manager by day, magic ninja by night… and the occasional actor; he can be currently seen wearing a smart lab coat with his bespectacled smug mug slapped on the boxes of a very popular brand of toothpaste.

(Ning absolutely loves Satish’s sense of humour and thinks he should consider being a comedian. He may just give Russell Peters a run for his money)

A goth street magician from Singapore who is sexy as hell, Charlie Jiang does a mean card throw and is excellent at card tricks. This charming Ah Beng does not actually exist in real life, but he is very much alive as a key character in Ning’s YA crime/ thriller novel MISDIRECTION: Book 1 of the Savant Trilogy.

(Good on you for spotting this, drop Ning a message now)

Yeo Han Hwee has been diagnosed with “tsundoku” – letting unread books pile up on shelves, the floor and nightstands. He loves reading but there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

(Ning can attest to the above as true fact because she’s spotted a “tsunamic” pile of well-loved books for “light reading” in Hwee’s cozy bathroom, since like a decade and a half ago)

Debra’s love affair with magic started as a teenager, leading to work in a magic shop and the occasional gig. A longtime volunteer at the animal shelter, Debra works in the pet-care industry and performs magic with her furry friends too.

(Ning is touched by this dog lover’s enthusiasm for magic after meeting her when Debra came for Ning’s TEDx talk with her dad some years ago)

Adeline Ng aka Yong Tian ( 咏恬) is a professional female magician based in Singapore. Her graceful Asian Fusion style of magic has been showcased on stage at private events and regional magic festivals. No stranger to the media, she has been featured on The Business Times, The New Paper, TODAY & online media like Yahoo and

(Ning thinks her friend Ade is a multi-faceted individual: magician, actress, SCDF volunteer… she’s even found time to hike up Everest Base Camp and she can even drive stick. Yup, there’s nothing this woman can’t do)

Shen Shi’An hopes to be an omnivorous reader though he is almost always too busy. Thus, he has to pick and choose. Usually, if he takes the time to review a book, well, it has been worth his time!

(Ning regards Shi’An as a conversant modern day Buddhist scholar and contemporary philosopher who tirelessly shares all that he knows with others. She has attended a few of her cat-loving-vegan-friend’s dharma classes and also enjoys his books, original haikus and insightful blog articles about life as a practising Buddhist in the bustling 21st century)

Lucian J. is a part time magician, long time serious hobbyist and full time tinkerer of all things magical and wonderful. He is based in Singapore and has floated in and out of the magic scene for the last three decades. He continues to comment of products he likes and ignores products he dislikes. His main area of interest is moveless card magic, but has been seen doing the occasional Sybil Cut (though he will deny that).

(Ning enjoys hanging out with her mysterious friend, whose identity she cannot reveal. But one thing’s for certain, Lucien J is a magic phantom well versed in magic history, theory & knowledge)

Like most magicians, Yin Howe was bitten by the magic bug at a young age and has been hooked ever since. He is an avid hobbyist & occasional Part-time Professional Magician, residing in Penang, Malaysia.

(Thanks to online magic forums, Ning has known her Malaysian friend for 15 years before Facebook happened. She still remembers the awesome magic jam they had after the magic lecture she gave at Yin Howe’s local magic club. And Penang food. She still has dreams of authentic Penang laksa!)

Su is a skinny gal with a fat voice, who loves her food flavorful and hearty and her coffee strong. She also loves good books and kind people, even if they are a little irreverant. The very first cookbook she owned was when she was 11; the Betty Crocker cookbook for boys and girls. Quotes she likes: “Nothing human is alien to me”(Oscar Wilde) and “The world is full of nice people. If you can’t find one, be one” (Nishan Panwar)

(Ning regards her dearest doctor Su as the older sister she never had and admires her talented friend for her huge heart and belief in humanity. One of the few people who have truly touched and inspired Ning, Su has also released her own music album and performed at a tremendously well-received sold-out gig at the Esplanade.)

An avant-garde New York City lawyer with humble beginnings in the Bronx. A man who knows that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…or in NYC, a single taxi or train ride. Michael has appeared on television and newspapers like the New York Times. He has been learning and performing magic and mentalism since he was 13. He loves magic, mentalism,  traveling, writing poetry, reading Thich Nhat Hahn, meditation, The Beatles, Velvet Underground, and snicker bars.

(Thanks to an online magic forum, Ning has known Michael for years and has always been impressed with his sharp wit and broad knowledge. A Jewish lawyer who studies Buddhism and is married to a Catholic woman from Venezuela, Ning thinks her buddy’s life story should be made into a TV sitcom.)

Maarten Bosmans: magician, mentalist, ballon clown. Based in Antwerp, Belgium, this discerning performer enjoys good reads and strong magic. His alter ego Clown Mabo is a well-loved kids performer who makes children happy.

(Besides having a common passion for magic and mentalism, Ning & Maarten connected over books by contemporary literary greats. Hopefully one day soon they’d be able to share a coffee and chat face-to-face in a cozy European cafe. Meanwhile, Ning is mighty impressed with Maarten’s impeccable English as she wouldn’t be able to speak Dutch, French and German fluently like her overachieving Belgian buddy.)

John de Beixedon, MD is a specialist in Internal Medicine and Bariatrics. A graduate of Duke University with degrees in both Zoology and Religion, Dr. de Beixedon serves as a medical expert for ABC News in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. de Beixedon is also an accomplished magician who specializes in close up, parlour and comedy magic.  He is a fixture at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, but has entertained audiences from England to Las Vegas to Taipei.

(In his spare time, the good doctor serves as the President of the Pygmy Fund, an international group dedicated to the preservation of the Efe Pygmies of the Ituri Forest. He is the author of three novels, including The Tale of Enel-Ram, which Ning is a big fan of)

Mark has been hooked to the enigmatic practice of magic for almost a decade now. He particularly enjoys mentalism and is greatly drawn towards the idea of influence. To help him further understand the topic, Mark is currently undertaking a degree in psychology. Magic aside, Mark loves puns a lot more than he would like to admit.

(PS: Ning loves his puns)

With a diversity of interests and skills, Enrico Varella is widely recognized as a corporate-trainer and Ironman triathlete – one of which is his real job. A creator of disruptive magic and corny/lame puns.

(Enrico is Singapore’s magic Ironman and has been friends with Ning before she was the Magic Babe. Ning is eager to try Enrico’s creation, the Topit Tie… hopefully her boobs won’t get in the way)

Singaporean magician Gabriel Soh is a degree student in Art, Design and Media. His interest and passion in animation, creativity and magic uniquely provides him with a different visual feel and edge in work as an artist. He enjoys his magic to be visual, just like art.

(It doesn’t take a mindreader like Ning to know that this creative up-and-coming magic artist will go far. Look out world!)

Having performed magic professionally for close to 7 years, Matt Lee has performed for corporate events, weddings, charity events, fortune 500 companies, private parties and everything in between.

(Ning recalls there was that one time on a private yacht with supermodels in bikinis serving cocktails. No one paid any attention to the magic. Including the magician. True story.)


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